OT: Blogger and Firefox

Since they’ve changed to the “new” Blogger, I can’t access it from Firefox. It keeps flashing back and forth, and I’m not able to get in. I need to use explorer.

Anybody have any problems like this? I’ve deleted cookies, cache, temp files, even my pw stuff, and still a problem. I’ve not tried it on another computer to see if it is just this machine.

I know we’ve got some Firefox/bloggers here. :slight_smile:

I don’t use Blogger, but there’s a Firefox extension called IE Tab that will open a page in an IE tab from WITHIN Firefox so you don’t have to open another browser. :slight_smile:

You ROCK thanks!!! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I :heart: Firefox!

I use Blogger with Firefox and I’ve never had a problem. :??

I’ve never had a problem with blogger while using firefox. But I have had several issues using blogger with IE.

same here.

heatherfeather: are you on a mac? if so, try repairing your permissions (open ‘disk utility’ under ‘applications.’)

nope, no mac :slight_smile:

just plain ole pc

but it worked just FINE…it was so early when I posted, that it took me longer than the average bear to figure it out, but now I’m in…

altho I don’t have it in my tool bar yet? maybe when I shut down and restart the puter it’ll come up?