OT - Blog help

Hi guys,

I’ve just created this new blog for myself (see the www link bellow) and I’m not sure that I’ve used the right link address. Can you please have a look at it and tell me if I’ve done it right. There are two pictures in it so far. I’ll add more soon.


I was able to get to the flicker site and see the two pictures of the scarf (which looks great!) by clicking your www button.

I see the two pictures, but not a blog where anything’s been written. :slight_smile:

Cute Scarf! But no, I don’t see a blog either. Did you want to do something like blogger? Here is the link to my (pathetic) blog, so you can see the difference: http://www.mojoknittin.blogspot.com

Blogs on that site are free. If you look through the KH webring, you can see where other people have theirs. Some are free, some aren’t.

It’s ment to be only a picture blog. Or may be it’s not called a blog but something else.

But are the features OK? You can’t change or add things instead of me, can you?

Thanks for your help.

I’ve heard of these being refered to as ‘photoblogs’.