OT: Birkenstocks

Love my Birks, love my crocs. I have PF too, and my doctor said to wear Birks when I’m not wearing my orthotics. I wear them as slippers in the house. But now, I wear my Crocs! I can wear them, too, without a problem. But I really love my Birkis and wear socks with them when it gets cold. samm

Loooveee my Birkenstocks! All two of them that is, but I want to get one or two more. One warning is to try not to get the inside wet like the footbed (is that even a word?) because it takes absolutely forever to dry. I was wearing my clogs while in Italy and Venice decided to have a freak blizzard. Precipitation+birks=disaster. My feet were freezing because my socks were wet and so were the birks and when I bought a new pair of socks they just got sopping wet in 10 minutes.

That’s my only pet peeve with birks, and maybe the price too. Oh yea, they are great with socks, but I would only wear them with all white socks or black ones. The color rubs off onto the sock so it looks like they are dirty and if you don’t use bleach the color will remain on the sock a bit. Like Rebecca mentioned, if you can find a Birk outlet (I’ve been to the one that Rebecca goes to) you’ve hit the jackpot. I bought my clogs there and I think they were around $50. Some of the colors are ugly, but it’s an outlet. The clogs I got were a brown plaid pattern and the best part was that no one else in my town had them. The other stores that sold Birkenstocks just had the basic colors (brown, black, khaki-ish,etc).

Now to the other pair that is everything about Birks but even better. I wanted a pair of the sandals and this past year I got a pair with the soft footbed. It’s squishy, but not too squishy. It still molds to your foot, but not as much as the hard ones. I love them, but sometimes the sandal doesn’t go with what I’m wearing compared to my clogs that can pretty much go with anything.

So to end this long post…you shouldn’t be disappointed at all. Except if your my mom who has the pickiest feet ever. If you have or know you will be by an outlet center that has them, definitely buy them there. I think it might have been in a Bell outlet center, so google it.

I hope you enjoy them!

Freyja, thank you for that link!!! Great prices!

Well now I’m getting excited about my Birkies (as you veterans call them :teehee: ) I got an email saying they sent them out yesterday!! I can’t wait… :woot:

About the wet footbed part, they don’t take forever to dry if they’re wet on the outside, do they?? That would be awful. I could always put them in front of the heater to dry out a little quicker… :?? Maybe???

:heart: :heart: :heart: I Love my birks, I have 3 pairs I wear them all the time. They are SO comfy!! Enjoy them!!

I have really bad rheumatoid arthritis and it’s pretty much destroyed all the small joints in my foot.

My birks are the only thing keeping me from getting ugly, orthopedic shoes.

I love, love LOVE them.

I get them from QVC, but you’re all going to be jealous. About two years ago, my friend’s husband, who works there, got them for FIVE BUCKS a pair at the hush hush, super secret employee store.

I’m on my last pair now and I’ll be sad to see them go.

I found out at a local cobbler though, that I could have had them all re-soled for about twenty bucks a pair.
I’ll know next time.

They take a little while to break in, but once they are molded to your foot, your feet will be in feetie heaven.

:teehee: :rofl:

i don’t care…i love them like i love my own mother…maybe even more cuz they never ask me when i am getting married! :teehee: :muah:

Ohhhh, Khewes, I wish you had known that about the soles too…They mentioned that they could be resoled on QVC, that was a really nice selling point for me.


:teehee: :teehee:

The http://ihatecrocs.com/ can bit me and my Crocs :grrr: :roflhard: :rofl: