OT: Beware the Vacuum!

So…I was working on my sweater…and had changed once with the balls. Being lazy, I left the long thread from the previous ball, and the less long thread from the new ball hanging. I have knit several inches past it, figured I would tail them in when I was done…(doing this on the round…)

Yesterday I figured I would do a light vacuuming (you know the kind where you don’t move anything out of the way…) and apparently got a little too close to my WIP as it sucked up that loose long thread (from the previous ball) and didn’t want to let go.

Got it loose from the suction and went on my way…

Can I tell you the havoc that caused? I didn’t realize it, but it had pulled about 3 inches or so of my work really REALLY taught. It is going to take some work to loosen up those stiches so they look right again…

So…heed my cautionary tale…don’t be lazy, move stuff off the floor when you vacuum!

Or be lazier and don’t vacuum :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally :o)

Well…there is that…

:noway: yikes!

Yeah, I’m with Evan & Mike on this one!!!

or don’t park your knitting on the floor - hey, it’s way too dirty since I don’t vaccum regularly!! (no, really – I do, I do!!)

Ack! Hope it all comes loose for you!


:roflhard: I like your thinking :wink:

I have 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 husband. I vacuum because there would just be YECK everywhere if I didn’t and I’d have the most interesting knitting out there. Full of dust bunnies.

Hey, if we didn’t have to do housework. Think how much more knitting we would get done.

Currently it is just me, DH and the Budgie. So vacuuming isn’t so necessary all the time…I do park my yarn on the floor a lot. Actually, if it weren’t for me parking my yarn on the floor, it probably wouldn’t be in so much need for a vacuum, as all my little yarn fluffs wouldn’t be all over the floor. Price you pay I guess! shrugs

PS…I just ended up taking it back to the spot. I was only about 2 " from the pull. And I wasn’t loosening it to my satisfaction. sigh…Teaches me don’t it!


Reminds me of the time my mom asked my sister,who was about 7 or 8 at the time, with waist-length hair, to get something from under the coffee table so she could vacuum under there. Unfortunately, as mom continued to vacuum, she snagged my sister’s hair, which rolled up right to her head! The screaming is what brought me running, but I couldn’t stop laughing once I saw what was going on—we still laugh about that today!

[color="#330099"]Vacuuming is dangerous business and shouldn’t be permitted to be practiced in a safe home.

And if we can spread the word to more people, why then there would be no social pressure to perform such dangerous stunts at home. :oo:


:roflhard: [/COLOR]

I was a fool when I said to my FIL to leave the one and only room left in the entire house with carpet, carpeted. He asked if I wanted to finish the hardwood underneath, and like an idoit, I said no…sigh I could be swiffering my way through life…

I loathe carpeting. If I could have something other than carpet I would be very very happy.

Forget the Swiffer, I’d open the door and use a leaf blower.

One of these days, but I’m on a slab, no wood floor surprises for me. Just ugly '50’s gradeschool tile.

:doh:slaps forhead so that is what I have been doing wrong!!!

How long until we see what happens to knits that have been run through a leaf blower? :slight_smile:

OMG! Now I know where DH gets his loathing for the vacuum cleaner. It’s a male thing. I have to wait til he is out of the house so I can use it. He would be totally for using the leaf blower.:roflhard: