OT: Best Wishes for NASA

T minus 14 minutes…

praying that they have a safe launch and flight

I’m having my 4yr old watch it with me I hope everything goes ok and safely… Prayers for them…

i am having a real hard time wrapping my head around the fact that they are bending the safety rules for this flight. i am sure it is perfectly safe but it just freaks me out that they would decide to go ahead and roll the dice on their first flight after the accident.

saying prayers for their safety…

well it was a good launch…

And it was cool watching the streaming video watchign the assend and go into orbit then drop the solid rockett booster :slight_smile:

That was really cool

:slight_smile: Now 6months up there and they come back

Awww ~hugs for Brenda~ I don’t think they were bending the safety rules so much if you think about it. The sensor was 4th in line of the warning system and they couldn’t get it to malfunction again. For all we know, it was fate’s way of preventing that first launch. Perhaps something would have happened on THAT particular day. We will never know. I do, however, feel very happy that they got back up there. I was beginning to fear that we would lose our space program. I’ve been to Kennedy more times than I can recall, and seeing that shuttle out on that landing platform… even though it’s far across water, is so awe inspiring. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :thumbsup: Way to go, NASA!

They didn’t bend safety rules on this launch. The fuel sensor issue that stopped the launch two weeks ago was never figured out. However, they removed all the fuel, checked and rechecked the sensors, and when the fuel was replaced, they didn’t have any more problems. The original problem was just a fluke.

I’m so happy that it was a clean launch. It’s such a joy to watch the shuttle lift off! I couldn’t see it from home, although I have seen other launches from home before. I’ve even gone to Kennedy to see a launch live with my kids before. It was incredible.

Now pray that they’ll remain safe, and land safely back home in 12 days.

Glad the launch went well.

[size=6]NASA grounds shuttle fleet[/size]

** snip **
“Apparently, there is still more understanding that has to occur,” Parsons said. “We’ll go do that and do it diligently. Until we’re ready, we won’t fly again. I don’t know when that might be.”

Full article:

Too bad for nasa… I really would like to see us get back up there…

Yeah, I heard. I have a pretty strong feeling that we’ll see an all new designed shuttle before the next launch.

It’s about time. Have you seen close up pics of Discovery? It looks like a peice of you know what.

yeah well they don’t want to pay to make new shuttles… "It works… " so they say…

We do need some new ones… discovery has been in action since the 80’s I believe…

i am just not sure that the best time to announce that they are grounding them until they are sure they are safe to fly is when there is already one up in the sky. Do ya think that maaaaaaaybe that announcement could have waited until they were back? :verysad:

undeniably i have never been terribly interested in the space program but this stuff makes me fret…and i hate fretting about things i have no control of… :rollseyes:

The reason they said that was because atlantis was scheduled to go up prett soon… it was in the VAB … but they grounded it so I never made it to the mover…

On the plus side… if they determine the shuttle is “unfit” for re-entry they have atlantis to go get it / bring supplies. If the US doesn’t want’t o launch I’m sure we can persude another country (ie rusia) that may be going soon to bring 'em back… course that’s all politics… and who knows with that stuffs

And then they’ll make a new movie staring Tom Hanks…

“Kennedy, we have a problem.”

All kidding aside, I have faith in NASA that they’ll do everything possible to keep our astronauts safe. They’ll be home, safe and sound, soon. :heart:

You know… my FIL has worked for Boeing Wichita for 26 years and used to be friends with Rutan. I would have really loved to have seen Boeing, join up with Rutan and Branson, to get some sort of deal going, for a series of new space exploration ships. Perhaps it would have kept my FIL with Boeing. Unfortunately, because of the revenge of a corrupt CEO, Harry Stonecipher, they sold the Wichita plant to some heartless (you wouldn’t believe how they undersold their pensions) Canadian company called Onyx. BLEH…

Here’s to hoping NASA get’s their act together and hops onboard with a brilliant mind like Rutan. :pray:

I heard today that nasa is planning on redesigning the shuttle possibly, like the old apollo system… where it would have a capsule that would chute back to the ground

WOW! That’s interesting!

I really hope that the debris that fell off of this shuttle won’t affect the re-entry. :frowning:

My BIL’s 20th class reunion was postponed a year because one of his classmates was scheduled to go on a space shuttle mission as one of the specialist scientists. They wanted to wait until she got back to hear all about it. Unfortunately she was on the last Columbia flight and never made it home. :frowning: They still had the reunion a year late but her parents came in her place. It was all very sad.

This whole thing gives me the gibblies…

hoping for a safe return,

You know what tho silver… the fact that foam may have hit the wing… doesn’t bother me as much as THIS story did:

[size=6]Pilot disappears after being forced to land[/size]


I mean… they need to be looking for this guy

We also love hearing the sonic boom when it returns. Today it will be the East coast that gets to welcome them home!

THEY’RE DOWN SAFELY!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: