OT: Best Advice

What is the best advice you have ever gotten?

I would have to say, for me, it was:

A compliment is like a gift, if you reject it, you could hurt the person that gave it.

I’m pretty sure my friend warned me not to marry my ex-husband…too bad I didn’t take her advice :confused:

Behavior change is not a single event.

Do not waste time and energy over those events in life that you have no control over anyways.

Don’t play football. This was advice from my voice teacher through high school as I was headed off to college.

And from my dad: when you pay off your car loan, continue to put that amount of money into a savings account for your next car.

At the end of the day you have to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see. So be honest with yourself above anything else and you’ll never have to look away.

Also, should you have a disagreement with someone, try to put yourself in their shoes before speaking. Try to see both sides of the argument and to understand the other person’s position. You might not agree with it, but if you try to understand it, you can have a discussion rather than an argument in order to resolve the misunderstanding.

Ooo good one!

How about -

[B]People can’t unhear something already said - Think before you speak. [/B]

This could also apply to the things you write since we are in the computer age. :wink:

I think the best advice I ever took was to realize that words have an exact meaning and to always be aware of the effect of my words on the person listening to me. It’s why people around me learn to choose their words carefully or have me throw their own words right back at them.

Also, the best parenting advice I ever got was from my former monster-in-law and that was to never, ever hit my kids in anger. Send them to their rooms, you go get rid of the anger, then punish them after you’ve had a talk about why they are being punished. According to my kids waiting in their rooms until I came in to tell them what the punishment was going to be was the WORST time in their lives. To this day they groan and whine “Oh, come on! Not ‘the talk’” with their fingers making the quotes.

I don’t know about the best advice that I was ever given, but my daughter told me that the best advice SHE was ever given was when she left home after college to work in Washington., D.C. (This advice was given to her by her mother): “Spread your wings, not your legs!”

Love it!

I was just thinking of an old co-worker whos advice was

“if you have to go back to the store and look at something more than twice, you really want it, and whether you can ‘justify’ it or not, you are going to get it…so don’t aggonize the purchase, just get it”

That theory has bought me a lot of stash yarn.