OT: BE update

I got my BE starter kit yesterday and had to admire all the goodies - did not try today as I have company golf outing and its going to be gross and nasty anyway. Plus, I don’t want to have to RUSH the first time I use it!

Colors look good. No way will I use the warmth stuff, that will end up on ebay or will give to my mom. The one foundation color looks dead on, the other one will probably be ok too (especially since I can mix and match). Eye shadow color was “wake up” or something like that, very neutral. Overall a nice little set, 3 brushes included and that mineral veil stuff too.

Good news is that evidently there is a BE boutique up in Beachwood, just a 35 minute drive from here. I am hoping to get up there and maybe pick up some tricks. I am thinking that maybe that Bisque stuff would be handy to cover up red blotches as well as the enormous black circles under my eyes???

That store in Beachwood opened recently. I haven’t been in to check anything out since I normally have my little shadow with me. One day I’ll make it there by myself.


I was gonna ask what BE is but then I thought it must be Bare Essentials!

Am I right!!? :smiley:


Candicane - are you a NE Ohio girl? I am in Stow!

yes I am! 5 minutes from Beachwood Mall.


hi–I haven’t gotten the beginner set yet–I still have a powder foundation by Loreal that I have been putting on with a big brush in the manner they tell you to use BE, and it does so much better than the powder puff does! That makes it look heavey and uneven. I DID order the BISQUE–and it is good for covering little broekn vessels and small blemishes…it didn’t do dor my dark circles under my eyes…I have very dry thin skin there (I’m 56) and so a powder DOESN’T help that area–it accentuates the wrinkles you already have!! SO–I’m STILL hunting for a good undereye cover and still looking for advice from ANYONE who has good thoughts about this!

I also have thin eyebrows, so I ordered the eyebrow powder, brush and finisher–which I love dearly–SO much better than an eyebrow pencil-any I’ve ever used! I see in the future that I’ll be buying the powder base–but not til I run out of the Loreal that I have–can’t afford to just toss that!! :wall:

Posting new topic on the under eye cover :slight_smile:

Another thought. There is a web site called Bare addicts…its another forum, but they have great ideas of mixing colors for different eye shadows, etc.

I have the same under eye problem, I’m 44, and the bisque does seem to make the dark circles stand out more, but it covers my rosacea so well, I’ll never part with it! I also have another BE eye product - its two shaded & I can’t remember the name, but the light shade does hide the dark when applied over the bisque - but just a tad goes a long way & it has a bit of a shimmer to it. Sometimes I think when your using bisque, foundation & Mineral veil it does settle into the wrinkles. I quit using the mineral veil under my eyes because of the drying.


I can see how it settles in - bisque didnt come with my basic kit, so I did order a sample of it (along with samples of some other things :cheering: )

I am sort of getting the hang of what I am doing. I am using the medium beige foundation which is fine for now but I think will be summer only for me - I suspect the light or maybe even the light and the other mixed a little. I watched the video to get some ideas too. It is VERY easy to overapply, thats for sure!!

I am so tempted to try this stuff. Where I get my manicure done sells it - looks lovely but very very expensive! I also use Benefit cosmetics and LOVE them to pieces, love how natural the look is from the products especially Benetint.

I think its expensive if you go whole-hog on it - but for everyday- I think once I get beyond the initial investment (updating brushes, all the stuff at one time), it will be comparable to a department store cosmetic line.

I did crack up at the video - they were making over a gal of a certain age ( probably my age), - I think they used 18 different products on her. She looked totally fabuloso but honestly I am just not that creative!!!