OT: Battlestar Galactica (posisble spoilers)

Okay, I know I’m not the only one out there (Letah, I’m looking at you :teehee: )

But I neeeeed to talk about last night’s episode.

Sooo is Starbuck one of the Final Five, or did she escape?

I don’t think she’s dead, and not in an “Nooooooo she can’t be dead” ways, because she’s kind of obnoxious. (Not as obnoxious as Kat though. :ick:) I think they’ve been planning this from the beginning–Leoben’s been talking about her special destiny since Season 1.

Anyway, Final Five evidence:

“You need to see what lies between life and death.” Only Cylons can see this and talk about it because only they are resurrected. See: Deanna offing herself over and over.

Human evidence:

Strongly established “human” background that is missing from the other Cylons. Cylons haven’t been shown to grow, so are her memories real? Plus she’s known the Adamas for a long time. Also, Leoben said in the interrogation in season 1 that they had switched spots from the last time in his “this has all happened before” talk.

Also, no one has been seeing members of the same race in their head. Baltar sees Six, Caprica sees Baltar. Human-Cylon. Interesting Imaginary Six and Imaginary Baltar are working to drive humans and Cylons apart. Imaginary Leoben (remember, she says you are not the real Leoben, and he says no he’s a guide, similar to what Imaginary Six has told Baltar) seems (for now) to be trying to bring Humans and Cylons together.

The only other human-Cylon pairing is Helo/Athena, though neither of them sees the other. I wonder if this will change when Athena flips out and leaves the Fleet (season finale anyone?) or if Hera fundamentally changes their dynamic.

Hang on hang on hang on… Are you guys on another season already!!! I haven’t read your whole post, but saw some stuff about the final five and stuff, I’ve got Season 3 and only recently got the last episodes (so now i have all 1 - 13… but the dude who got them for me got them off the cable channel I’m guessing and I thought If he managed to tape 13 then the season must be finished now).

So my question is, are you still in season 3, in which case I’ll stay out of here till I get to watch the last couple of episodes, or are you on season 4 already… how can you be on season 4!! :hair: :waah:

I’m sorry if I started to spoil something, but I’m glad that you caught yourself!!! :hug:

We’re in part two of Season 3. It started up again in January. This was the 17th episode of Season 3, called Maelstrom. It sounds like Australia is on a slight delay. :shrug:

No we are on more than a slight delay - we don’t get season 3 at all yet… mine are coming from you guys… [size=2](can you say fan :teehee: , it’s funny, i bought the first and second season box set for my DH, and found myself listening along while knitting when he was watching it, then watching along at the sake of my knitting, then completely addicted. I think I like it more than him now, I’m always asking when our next BSG hit is coming :teehee: I only tuned in for the second season, and have missed the first, so annoyed him a bit at first going, hang on - what the… You know, I was young when the original was out and loved it back then, and swore I would never get into this one, but oh well, I’m hooked)[/size]

I’m sooooo glad to hear there is more to come then. Like I said, I’ve only got up to ep 13 (currently I’ve watched up to about 11) which I thought was the last one of the season, but it didn’t feel like there was a ‘season finale’ coming up. Phew… I’m so glad, there is more to come then :happydance:

My friend got me hooked in August…We watched the miniseries together, then I borrowed the first two discs of Season 1…then I wasn’t going to see him soon enough for the next disc, so I bought Season 1. And then I bought Season 2, and finished watching that just after 2.5 came out on DVD. And when I finished that I still had a week left before Season 3 premiered. TORTURE!

(Letah, I’m looking at you Giggling )

:flirt: How’d you know?!?

OMGosh!!! I wanna know what happens.

Personally, I think the final 5 are children, or start as children and are able to grow.

If Starbuck is Cylon, then why would they have harvested her ovaries? Well I guess they could have made her think they did.

We know Starbuck was engaged to Adama’s other son, and she’s been around for a while. Hmmm, but we know nothing of her father. I think she has to come back somehow. Perhaps they will work it that she was captured by the Cylons and what Lee :drool: , saw wasn’t her ship. (kind of stupid I know, but I can’t think of anything else)

Now I’m kind of a rogue fan, as I kind of like Baltar, and his seeing Caprica kills me because he (and she) have very physical reactions when they see the other one.

Oh my, I love this show!!! I hate having to wait an entire week for another episode. GRRRRRR. :wall: [/quote]

They Cylons don’t know who the Final Five are. Except Deanna, but her memories have been boxed. (Interesting side note: all three of the female Cylon models have been accused of being “unstable” and threatened with boxing–Caprica Six and Boomer were threatened on Caprica, before they killed Deanna and got the other Cylons to invade New Caprica, and it’s actually happened to Deanna. Leoben hardly seems stable…so are any of them?)

I used to like Baltar, but as the show progresses I just find him despicable. He doesn’t have any of the villain qualities I like. I like bad guys like Zarek, or even some of the Cylons. Villains with a cause. Baltar’s cause is himself. :shrug: