OT: bankart-procedure for shoulder

[color=blue]I thought I would ask if anyone has had this procedure done. I go in for sugery 02/23. It would be great to hear how others have faired with this operation. I do know that it means approx 3 weeks with NO knitting! :pout:


anne [/color]

I do these :happydance:

You will be very sore for 2-3 days. TAKE THE PAIN MEDS!

After that, will start to feel much better.

Are you having it done arthroscopically?

You will be very stiff if you do not do the prescribed passive range of motion exercises, do them as much as you can. Your doc may have instructed you already. If not, you’ll end up learning them/going to PT after your first postop visit.

Sorry I can’t give you a patient’s perspective, but from my perspective, patients usually do great. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done) :hug:

[color=blue]Laura, You are a doc? Yes it is arthroscopic surgery. I went out on the web to get info… but there is alot of differing information out there. Thank you for your input–I did ask for a local and the surgeon said no… have to have general… It takes me so long to surface with general yuck! lol. They were kind enough to schedule it for a Friday so I will have the weekend, hoping to go back to work the following Monday. (is that reasonable?) I drive a standard and though I can drive it left handed I don’t like to do it in the city, DH is not impressed with that idea either :teehee: sorry did ramble a bit :teehee:


Yes, I am a doc - ortho/sports med.

This is one of my favorite procedures because it is technically fun and the results are so good. Before the arthroscopic procedure was developed, it was a bit of a pain to do and people usually ended up a little stiffer.

I know it’s hard not to worry about surgery, and there are always risks to anything you do, but this one is “not that bad” from my perspective. Rotator cuff repairs tend to hurt a lot worse.

[color=blue]Thanks! :hug: My shoulder has been popping out for years but recently it is harder to get it to go back and more painful. Put it off long enough I guess.

Thanks again Laura!

anne [/color]

We have an ortho doc in the house?! How cool is that?! I do transcription for 3 different ortho groups!

[color=blue]We are a very diverse group! Great isn’t it? :cheering:



When I discovered that knitting helps my surgical dexterity, I went out and bought more yarn! :happydance:

Work-related knitting? You should be able to write yarn off on your taxes then! LOL