OT Bait and Switch with Adamant Computers

This is just a [color=red][size=6]warning[/size][/color] to my fellow knitters and tech types. A friend of mine is really getting the shaft from Adamant Computers. Please read the story at the link below and warn your tech friends.

Thank you.


I don’t know if anyone cares, but my friend was told they were sending his laptop back to him, they never addressed his request for a refund and he doesn’t know if it is even fixed or not, he won’t know until he gets the laptop back. Granted, they said they sent it back, but they may not have.

He’s getting shafted. :-x

Yes he is, the poor guy.

Just an update, they said they had sent tsunam his laptop back more than a week ago, and it has yet to arrive. I honestly dont think that it is going to show up.

Ill let you know when it does and if it was even fixed, which we dont think it was considering they are refusing to discuss it with him.

Has he reported them to the BBB? Or checked the BBB on reports about them?

Angelia, yes, he has contacted BBB.

He got his laptop back today. It is still broken and it doesn’t even appear like they opened the casing on it to attempt to fix the problem.

Adamant computers is trying to put the blame on Asus which is the manufacturer, but it was Adamant that was supposed to fix it, not Asus, so I don’t know what is ging on with them, but something isn’t right.

This is the latest in his troubles.

This is where the whole story is laid out. If you use Digg.com, please click his link. The more attention this story receives, the more people are aware of the issue with this company.