OT- background checks

I need to do a bunch of background checks. What is the best way to do these? Those “click here: pay $39.95” I need fast and effective. Sugestions?

ummm…i might be able to help…what kind of information are you looking for?

I basically need to make sure these people are not child molesters or freak-a-ly insane. :thinking: It is to “hire” volunteers for childcare.

ah well that i can’t help you with sorry. i have a program at work that some investigators use for background checks but it doesn’t do the legal stuff…just tracing them to see where they have been.

You may want to call the local law enforcement agency to see what your options are…

or check with your local Health and Welfare. that information is public, as far as I know.

I’m not sure of where you are but most states have an online sex offender website. I know Florida does. I would start with your state’s DLE.

Yeah, but I have like 30 of them. I just wanted something easy. I guess I’ll just hire a company … that just eats 3/4 of my budget :doh:

It really might be worth a call to the police dept…they may know of a less costly option…

i know my sons elementry school does them. maybe you could ask your local school district who they use. i think it cost me $5 @ his school.