OT: Back Problems Continue

I’m still stuck in this hotel 1,000 miles from home. The doctor referred me to a chiropractor who I saw for the first time this morning.

Things are going from bad to worse. It seems I didn’t just pull some muscles but also damaged a disc.

The chiropractor tortured me a bit and said that he felt that he could fix the problem but that it’s probably going to take about two weeks. Ack!

I’ve already been laid up with this since the 6th and at least 2 more weeks???

I’m starting to feel like I’m never going to get back to work (or home).

Thanks for the update.

I’m so sorry that you aren’t, at least, home! What a difference if you could at least be where you are the most comfortable.

Will pray for you…

Uugh, no fun.

Just read on your blog about “Captain Kirk.”

I once interviewed with a guy named “Klingborg.” So I totally feel your pain.

Oh lord! The fun I could have with that name! :rofl:

at least the doctor you went to was open enough to send you to a chiropractor. I didn’t think they usually did that.

I’ve been going to the cult… er… chiropractor for a while now and it really does help.

too bad you’re stuck so far from home…

I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

Oh, Mason, I’m so sorry!! I hope that, at the very least, he is right about being able to fix it in two weeks, and that it doesn’t drag on any longer for you. Take care!

HIGHLY recommend the chiro! Couldn’t function without mine! (Had botched back surgery 30 years ago, and would’a been a cripple by now if not for the chiro!)

By the way, did I mention that I dislocated my hip, pulling tendons and groin muscles, about the same time as you messed up your back? Been seeing my chiro for it, and he has kept me able to work and walk.

I think this is the right route. Go for it!

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Ouch! Back problems do seem to take a long time to heal, too. :pout: I don’t remember…did you hurt it lifting something?

:hug: [color=indigo] I feel your pain. I hurt my back 3 years ago, and have been disabled ever since. Chiropractic works very well for certain issues, but it did nothing for me. My problems ended up being quite a bit bigger.
I hope you get home soon.[/color]

So sorry to hear that Mason. I haven’t replied to any of your posts, but have been reading them and sympathizing with ya. I have an uncle that drives truck…I could only imagine the difficulty you are going thru.

:hug: :hug: Aw Mason, I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time of it…

Have a beer. I find that very few days are not improved by a beer… or three…


I’m so sorry that you are going thorugh such a difficulty time. Back pain is awful, combined with being away from home it must be unbearable.

I am a veteran of 3 ruptured discs. Each time they tried to rush me to surgery but I resisted. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE!!! I’m not real excited about Chiropractors but everyone has a different opinion of them. I had a GREAT Physical Therapist who got me through it each and every time.

I am a nurse, my livlihood depends on keeping my back healthy. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

Hey Mason,

I hope that the chiropractor can give you some relief. My dh swears by his chiropractor. In fact, when I was telling him of your woes he wanted me to immediately post and suggest that you go and see one right away.

Wish there was more I could say, just sending you that healing juju over the internet

There are no good juju emoticons so this will have to do:


I’ve been away for a few months because of problems with my hip/leg, so I wasn’t aware of this! I’m so very, very sorry to read that this has happened to you! I pray that you will imrove quickly! Not having known about this from the beginning, I’m guessing the doc has put you on anti-inflammatories and meds to keep you out of pain? I hope so. You will certainly be in my prayers.

Thanks everyone. I injured my back untarping a load in windy conditions. Those tarps are heavy and hard to handle when it’s windy.

Been on meds. Percocet and valium.

Am enjoying a cold beer right now, it does help the day go better.

I’m hoping the chiro does some good. Right now I’m pretty stiff and sore from this morning’s session but hopefully that’ll pass.

Hope you get better soon!

Oh, man!
I’ve been lurking around your posts so far, and have been sending you good vibes and thoughts. Now I’m thinking that maybe if I post them too, they will get to you better - at least you’ll know about them now. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry that you’re stuck. Stuck far from home and with a sore back.
However, I totally do believe in chiropractics. I really hurt my back with wrong posture in a completely inadequately set up grad student office and my chiro got me back in shape. It was two weeks of intense sessions and then a lot longer for sparser followup sessions. The second part you could probably do on the road, too, though.

Anyways, it’s normal to be sore after a session. The doc moves your spine and your muscles have to adjust to the new position from the old one that they were trying hard as heck to support.
Hang in there, it’ll get better soon.

Can you knit while you’re stuck, or does that hurt too much. You could get all sorts of stuff done! :wink:


Thanks. I’ve always kinda classified chiropractors with witch doctors, but at this point I’m willing to try anything.

I’m sorry you aren’t feeling better yet Mason…:frowning:

Mee too. ESPECIALLY after I started going to one… “chiropractic can cure everything… does your belly hurt? come to us. do you have fertility issues? come to us.” come on…

but they make me feel better. so i go. :shrug: