OT; Back Pain, Steroids & Pain Killers yuck

Hi all. Well, if anyone has had unbelievable back pain (pinched nerve… is what I have not slipped disc) and spent time with steroids or pain killers (which I am afraid of) and if you have the time maybe you can check in at my blog where I explain it. These steroids are making me feel whacko. Hot and cold hot and cold constantly.
Thank god I only have to take them for 5 days. (I hope)

Ocycodone. Now that’s a whole other story. :doh:

I can’t even leave the house to exercise off the steroid energy. (But I can TYPE LIKE MAD!) :rofl:


this must be the week for back pain! both my DH and his sister are dealing with out-of-whack-backs. my DH, poor guy, could hardly move without crumpling to the ground with back spasms. :pout: he relied on chiropractic adjustments and a couple of short (15-30 minute) massages at our chiro’s office, and he’s somewhat on the mend. our chiro also recommend a back brace…

hope you feel better! :hug:

I’ve been living with severe chronic back pain for 15 years. I’ve had 2 discs completely removed but waited too long and suffered permanent nerve damage. Nothing short of heavy narcotics helps but since I drive for a living I can’t take them. Besides, I don’t like being doped up all the time. Often the drugs make you feel worse than the actual problem.

The back, combined with the bad hip resulting from having my pelvis shattered in a car wreck, keeps me in pain all of the time and often makes walking almost impossible. I use a cane on a lot of days.

But I don’t complain or feel sorry for myself. You just get used to it.

My favorite cane

HOLY SHITE! That’s one heck of a cane!!! It WOKE ME UP!

It’s beautiful Mason. Nice to hear from you. Sorry about that. Yeah, my uncle used to fall down (he was this 6 foot plus FireChief who is long passed away) but, the disc would slip out and down he went. Then my mother had it, my sister has it now. My mum suffered for years then she had the calcium? scraped out around the disc and every thing was ok. (then she got cancer and died) This sounds horrible doesn’t it. Anyhow, sorry to hear that about you, it must make it so difficult for driving. But I agree, the pain pills make everything so surreal, I hate it. Rather have a couple of drinks, which I do after 6. That always helps!

mrs. desert rain, (is that your picture, so beautiful!) I’ve been wanting a massage for weeks. Can’t afford it so I need to get with it and contact my insurance company to see if it’s covered. ohhhh I’d like one right now!

Happy Valentine’s Day !

:heart: :heart:

wow, mason! that’s a wicked cane!

hey! you didn’t say if that’s you in the picture! :teehee:

You’re working on a lot of stuff I notice! Nice sweaters, I have those issues. Want to see pix when you’re done!

Hope your back feels better soon. I represent a lot of people with chronic back pain. Unfortunately, the best option is often learning to tolerate the pain. Sometimes alternative therapies such as healing touch etc can be helpful. PM me if you want more details.

You’re so right! :noway: But for me, it’s not only the week of back pain, but a few months of back pain! :pout: I’ve had this for a long time and I never did anything about it, thought it was not a big deal :shrug: But it never went away and I still have it now when I stay in a position for too long. (for example when I brush my teeth)My mom suggested me to reduce the weight of my backpack, but it doesn’t seem to work that well, besides sometimes bringing textbooks home are necessary you know. :shrug: Oh well, I hope it will go away someday.

ps. nice cane Mason :teehee:

Sorry about the meds you are on. Dh used to take prednisone for Crohn’s, and he would get very, very emotional (not to mention eat CONSTANTLY!).

Dd just went a week with pain meds for her knee surgery. The meds ate her alive. She quit them yesterday just so she could feel normal again. She figured a little pain was better than a constant tummy ache.

Try to take it easy!


I totally hate pain killers. I only take them when I’ve got really bad back spasms, but like now, when I can at least walk a bit and sit (not without pain), I will never ever take any of them. I’m to afraid I’ll make things worse. I’ve been having back pain for I don’t know how long. (10 years, I guess, which is rather long when you’re 22 years old) so I don’t know anything else. Sometimes it’s worse than other times. The last few months it has been really painful, so last tuesday I decided I should go to my physical therapist. Ok, I waited to long, I know. It was worse than I had thought. Now my back is taped and for the first time in months I didn’t wake up with pain (only to have it back 5 minutes later, but I did sleep trough the night). But well, you learn to live with the pain. As long as I can knit, I’m happy

Know how ya feel!

I’m waiting for a neurosurgeon to consult with my orthopedic consultant about my literal pain in the ****. I saw him yesterday for another reflex test and he said that could take months as there is no neurosurgeon for my health authority so he has to go on a list at another hospital.

I worry a lot about the painkillers too - I’ve been on an opiate for a loooong time and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted now, I said that to the doc and he said “yeah - probably but lets deal with one problem at a time”.
Then he went on to offer me Valium because I can’t sleep.
:roflhard: I said no to that as you can get hooked on only a few days of that.

Exercise helps a lot though - just walking and swimming - although I can’t do either alone, just in case. It really limbers me up.

I so hope you feel better sooooon,

:hug: :muah: :hug: :muah: :hug:

THANKS so much for your hugs and :heart:

Wow, here comes all the back pain out of the closet. Isn’t it awful!
I wish I could swim, I DREAM of swimming in a warm pool. Lieke and Aquaria, you two sound both awfully young to be having back pain.
What a drag. I watch these little kids on the street lugging these HUGE back packs, god! they are like 8 and the pack is like a soldier would be carrying. I just don’t get that. What’s really weird about my back pain, is I hurt my back this past summer when I lifted all these big heavy slate stones to lay out like a patio. Well, I never went to the doctor. I was just in pain for a while & couldn’t lift things. Then one day, I slipped off a Dr. Scholl’s sandal, the strap broke which is almost funny coz they’re supposed to be medically good for your feet, whatever they say, and I jarred my back from that and it hurt a few weeks. Then the boots at Christmas. But it wasn’t til I went to the doctor and his therapist twisted me this way and that, that I COULDN’T WALK!

Well, I can walk after sitting on a vibrating/heating pad in the morning for 1/2 hour or hour… but it hurts.

Did any of you have your doctor do this thing with the electrodes in the legs? Testing the nerves? That was HORRIBLE.

Jeremy, yes, I’m thinking I want a massage more than anything. Going to ask my doctor about that today.

FEEL BETTER everybody, if possible :hug:

EXACTLY! They are horrible! Esp these steroids! Like so many have said, the pain is (sometimes) better to deal with than the weirdo effects of these meds.

well, my first therapist was making things worse instead of better. I’ve been down with back pain for 3 months when he helped me, not able to sit or do anything, except lying down and walk a little bit. I’ll never ever go back to him. Now I’ve got a therapist and when I’ve got really severe back pain, he is able to have me doing everything I have to do (taking class etc.) within a month. Much better. I’ve got hyperlaxity, so I was born this way. I’m not only having back troubles, my other joints are a mess as well. But well, all I can do is learn to live with it.

Ummm, Lieke, yeah, that was the first time I went to a “Physical Therapist” and the first time I was in so much pain, never ever like it before. So I’ll be really careful from now on. Hey, your blog is really super! I love it.
I just showed my DH your toe socks, they’re amazing! And I love that cabled sweater, it looks awfully difficult. Great work!