OT - Baby Gators

I just saw the wildest photo on Flickr of a handful of baby alligators!

OMG Look at the teeth already! :passedout:

Years ago, when I worked at the Game and Fish Commission, I had the opportunity to hold one of these…about the same size. It was incredible! They really are cute…until they get bigger.

I also had the opportunity to pet a black panther. Gorgeous!

I wonder what they’re singing???

So Cute!

They may look cute, but they are just as fiesty at this age as they are as adults. They will literally bite the hand that feeds them. Nothing “pet” like about them.

LMAO…I don’t know why that struck me so funny but it really made me giggle! :rofl:

I think they are cute too…A couple of years back we took my daughter to some place (sorry I’m so specific…) in Florida that was kind of like a children’s natural science museum or something w/ a family member and her little girl and in one area they had those sand/water tables for the kids to play with. Clint went ahead and took Julia into the “play area” and when I rounded the walkway–all I saw was her playing in a table of water with little rubber alligators (they looked so real!!) floating around. I almost passed out all together! There had been lots of alligators to look at (in Florida…go figure! LOL) as we walked on the little boardwalk through the outdoor portion of the museum so I guess I just assummed they were real. Boy was my heart pounding!

Sorry to share–that pic brought back memories!

I wonder what they’re singing???

Uh, “We’re Number One!”


But Auburn still beat 'em! WAR EAGLE!

:note: Five alligators in the swamp
Doing the alligator stomp
Five alligators in the swamp
Doing the alligator stomp

Now take a gator by the hand
Step to the music of a Cajun band
Clap your hands! Stomp your feet!
And walk your gator down the street.

You can roll your eyes,
You can wiggle your nose
But you better not step on your gator’s toes.
Tippy toe

Swing to the left, swing to the right
We’re nice alligators, we don’t bite.

Now throw your hands up in the air
We’re a little bit crazy but we don’t care
One thing gators love to do
Is jump up high and shout “yahoo!”

A few months ago I was tending to my garden in the backyard and came across a baby gator head. Evidently some osprey or hawk must have snatched him, ate him and threw the head in my yard. It kind of threw me for a loop for a second, a fresh baby gator head with no body. :help: :teehee:
Our last house was on a large lake and we used to get them in our yard along with alligator snapping turtles and other lakeside critters. I kind of miss that house for that reason, always something exciting to come home to. :roflhard:

They remind me of the gators from Pearls Before Swine. :rofl:

ETA: A link to the comic in question.