OT-audiobooks anyone?

I always thought I’d hate audiobooks but a little over a year ago I decided to download a few and fell in love!! Now I find that if I listen to audiobooks on my ipod when I knit…time (and stitches) fly!

I have an account w/ audible and so far I love it. I downloaded a book once and much to my horror…it cut off about 5 minutes before the ending. I was mortified–I emailed them and the refunded my money. It was quick and painless. Unfortunately…the problem I have is selecting books…I end up picking books out on a whim that I absolutely hate!!!

Do you guys like audiobooks (or even regular books I guess) and if so, how do you go about picking a new book to listen to/read? It’s been so long since I was an avid reader (thanks to two graduate degrees back to back) that I don’t even know what I like anymore!

Check out your library–most libraries these days have audiobooks, and they’re free. Audiobooks are crazy expensive!

I can’t do audiobooks–I don’t have the attention span necessary. :oops:

I love listening to audio books when I’m stuck in traffic. I’ve listened to Pride and Prejudice, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Silmarillion, all of which I’ve checked out from the library.

I might take a look at the library–I never really thought of that. Are they chaptered like when you listen to an mp3 version of an audiobook? Meaning–can you listen to whichever chapter you want or do you have to listen to them in order? I hate it when I have to stop an audiobook and then can’t find where I left off…I try to stop at chapter markers so it’s easy to find my place again.

I love Paulo Coehlo books and have listened to several on my ipod. I also listened to The Debbie Maycomber knitting stories (blossom street, etc.). I have the bible as an mp3 and several other books but I haven’t read all of them…

I get on kicks w/ audible and can’t decide what to download so I just download several things and typically the urge to read them passes before I ever get to them…like the time I thought I wanted to listen to Pilgrim’s Progress…what was I thinking???

i don’t know, but i would imagine listening to pilgrim’s progress would be better than reading it, i tried that! :roflhard:

i pick books by favorite authors, and in my favorite genres, on occasion i will try something different, but i usually stick to stuff i know i like.

my problem is that I don’t know what I like anymore… :pout:

I used to listen to audio books all the time while driving my rig. Now that I have XM radio I listen to the Sonic Theater channel quite a bit, which is basically radio plays and audio book type stuff.

I find it a great way to keep the mind occupied while driving.

I agree–that’s how I look at it w/ regards to knitting. If I try to knit w/ a busy mind, sometimes I start thinking about too many things and get side-tracked. Sometimes I try my best to knit but I start thinking about that recipe I was supposed to print for dinner, how I haven’t looked online to see the status of my graduate application, the laundry that needs folding (although I rarely leave knitting for this one…), and so on and so forth…If I listen to audiobooks my mind stays on one thing and the knitting becomes automatic.

I do that too, but it’s my mistakes that become automatic :rofl:

I’m an audible user too. For the first few downloads, I picked out the books that I own in print but have never gotten around to reading (lame, I know). The latest book I downloaded was recommended by my MIL - Water for Elephants. I have no idea what it’s about, but I figure, she’s got really good taste most of the time, so I’ll try it out.

I sometimes use book reviews to help me figure out what’s new, what’s interesting, etc. Library Journal, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly - all good sources (used by librarians in collection development).

Generally, audio books from the library come on cd or tape…but it still might be worthwhile to check that out just to determine what you’re interested in. If you use iTunes, you could import the cd so that you could put it on your iPod.

btw, I completely understand how school can just suck out any interest you have in actually reading. Heck, I’m a librarian and I go through funks with my reading…right now I’m just too busy knitting to open anything besides a pattern book :teehee:

I’m an audible member too thanks to their $100 off any ipod promotion! I had been an avid reader until I learned to knit and was hesitant about the audiobook thing because I felt like I was cheating, but I love it even more than reading! No worries about finding a comfortable spot conducive to page turning and my mind really gets into the books without that physical aspect. I love it! Memoirs of a Geisha was my first and it was really awesome. Now I’m doing The Time Traveler’s Wife (since Christmas actually.) It’s REALLY long and I just haven’t been in the mood lately, but it is also wonderful.

Down here, the libraries will allow you to sign up for this program where you can download audiobooks for free via a cooperative website. You might want to check with your library on that too!

I can never pick out books either, I have a really hard time, so I can’t help you there. I refuse to get abridged versions because then I REALLY feel like I’m cheating and can’t help but get distracted by what I might be missing, and I look for long ones so I get the most bang for my buck. I’m about to retire the Time Traveler’s Wife for something shorter, but looked last night and was stumped! If you figure out the answer to that dilemma, please share! :wink:

I saw some Narnia audio books on CD for $10 the other day. Those are always worth reading - I’ve read them about every year since 2nd grade, and every time I read them, I find something new. The recordings with Kenneth Branagh reading The Magician’s Nephew and Jeremy Northam reading The Silver Chair are very well done.

How is The Time Traveler’s Wife, by the way? I’m always up for good book recommendations.

omg brilliant! i have bought about a zillion copies of the lion the witch and the wardrobe and still read it at least once a year too, but NEVER read the rest of them and didn’t even think of it!!! audible has the whole series for 5 credits narrated by patrick stewart, lynn redgrave, kenneth branagh, et. al. I CAN’T WAIT THANK YOU!

i am REALLY enjoying The Time Traveler’s Wife. Some people I have talked to about it found it confusing the first go around and had to read it a second time, but I’m not having that problem quite yet. When I go a long time between listening, I do rewind though to avoid that a little. For me it’s one of those books that I can’t put down because there are like all these loose ends everywhere and I’m dying to find out how everything gets resolved, but at the same time, I can’t really tell you what the definitive plot or theme of the book is yet… it’s really different.


What types of genres do you like?

If you like crime/suspense, go with James Patterson.

If you like romance, try Nicholas Sparks (Message in a Bottle) or James Patterson (Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas; The Jester).

Historical fiction – Jeff Shaara (Gods and Generals)

I was a voracious reader until I started taking college classes online. Now the only things I read are textbooks and knitting patterns. :teehee:

Let me know if these don’t strike your fancy. I’ll come up with more…

So far the only audioooks that I’ve listened too while knitting have been Harry Potter and I must say, they did help time fly by while I was knitting my HP scarf! I think for me though, I need to be doing a simple, mindless pattern (like the HP scarf), because I think I would get so involved in listening and wouldn’t concentrate on the pattern and have to frog, or if it was a pattern I’d need to concentrate on, I’d miss something from the book and have to go back to what I missed. :teehee:

I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince right now. I get the “books” from the library, and then rip them onto my computer, convert the files to MP3, and put them on my player.

Every night (or morning if I had to work), I listen to Dickens. I forget the guy who reads these particular ones, but his voice is incredibly soporific. Like a belly full of turkey, that guy is.

No, I am not ashamed that I have a major crush with a man who dressed in tights and made faces for most of the 80’s, and now plays a crippled drug addicted doctor…and is almost the same age as my father.
[b][color=indigo]Me either, except I think I’m older than he is!

My library has thousands of books on tape and CD, plus free ones to download. I rarely find that my listening interferes with my knitting or my knitting interferes with my listening.

My favs are the HP books, the Outland series by Diana Gabaldon (love Davina Porter’s voice) and the Cate Who… series by Lilian Jackson Braun (love Georage Guidall’s voice). I’ve listened to all the James Patterson Alex Cross books, all the Patricia Cornwall’s Kay Scarpetta books and lots more. [/color][/b]

:doh: I’m such a bad librarian! Can you tell I haven’t been to the library in awhile? Or maybe it’s the library I went to back in Indy that wasn’t up to snuff. We only had cds and tapes for our books :pout: But what a wonderful idea!

What kind of books do you like? I have a sneaky suspicion that we might have similar tastes. (I base that solely on the fact that you loved Memoirs, btw :teehee: )

What i really don’t understand is how audio books are SO EXPENSIVE!!!
i know that it’s a lot of work for the person to read it and some audiobooks are really long, but come on. The only production cost is paying that person to read it.
Hollywood spends millions to make a movie and after a couple of years, you can buy it for $10. Can you do that with audio books? No. :!!!:


My favorite reader of all time had to have been Frank Muller. He was awesome… :verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

[color=blue]Yay! :cheering: for audio books. I have over an hour commute to work and they are a life saver. My library is small and quickly running out of books on CD for me. I listen to 2 “books” a week and their selection is small. I am interested in uploading to an IPOD but have not investigated it enough. Is there an approximate cost per book? possibly a site you could direct me too? Have you found that some readers have hard voices to listen to? I might love the story, but have a hard time with the reader.

Great topic!

I did ramble, didn’t I? lol :doh: