OT - Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy?

It’s scheduled to start back on Thursday 21st, next week!!! :woot: It looks like Meredith and McDreamy will get together! And from the clips, it also looks like Christina is gonna get caught trying to get in on with Burke - by his parents!!!

Can’t wait for it to start! Can ya tell I love this show? :teehee:

Ok, back to your knitting now.


i love GA!!! its so addicting!!!
and i am so glad its on Thursdays now!!!

I think it being shown on thursdays is either going to kill CSI or kill Grey’s…either way I am displeased…lol

I don’t think they are going to get together…some of the spoilers indicate they won’t. Who knows though… :shrug:

I’m not so sure about the Thursday slot either… I love CSI!!! And now that Grissom and whats-her-face are an item I won’t want to miss it!

You don’t think they will get together? Meredith would be totally wrong to go with the vet after she basically cheated on him… but when has that ever stopped her right? LOL!

Grey’s is just going to be a bigger mess than ever.

The ratings for CSI and Grey’s will each go down a little, but no major harm. I love CSI but I’ve gotten away from it recently. Now that scripted programming is coming back, there is more to choose from.

Whenever a show has jumped the shark it has almost always been because they let the main characters “get together.” letting them play it out right now would kill the show for sure and while ABC is great at that I don’t think they are ready to do it quite yet. (did you know Grey’s was never supposed to get picked up for a full season? It was just a midseason replacement that would go away after those 9 or 10 episodes!)

I read that Grissom and Sarah won’t be found out by the other CSIs for a while so it is likely we won’t see a LOT of their thing on the show. WHo knows though.

i started watching Grey’s at the end of the season so i’m not to hooked cause i will be watching CSI. KK its funny you said Grissom and whats her face!! i can barely remember her name too!! she could go away and i would not miss her. i think Grissom should have hooked up with Kathryn. I so mad Warrick went off and got married. he could have hooked up with Kathryn too! (KK is see you go my man in you avatar!!! isn’t he fine!)

i’m kind of lost on the Grey’s though. who was the guy CC or whatever her name is killed cause she was to selfish to the him go. i would have whooped her butt. is the chief and the black female doc married? cause they siad he hooked up with Greys mama… was this while he was married. i’ve been trying to catch up on the storylines but i don’t think i will make it before they start coming on. i need to just buy the DVDS

CC? are you talking about Izzy at the end when she was crying over Denny? Denny had been her patient since the beginning of the season (or last season? i can’t remember) and they have always flirted with each other. He had been very very sick the whole time. He finally got a heart transplant after like 2 or 3 promises of one. It was looking like they were going to get together (which was weird for me but still good viewing) and then he died…blood clot. I would like to feel that most of us would have reacted similarly to someone dying after we only just figured out that we are in love with them. :shrug:

The chief and Miranda (black female doc) are married just not to each other. The chief and Ellis Grey (Meridith’s mother) did have an affair many years ago but now she has alzheimers so he keeps her company when he has time.

yeah izzy. i think she acted selfishly. i mean that man was in pain and was ready to go. and she put herself before him knowing there could be complications.
i thought they were married to each other. i like her!!! she is cooler than a polar bears toenail!!!

Lisa, you’re probably right about the ratings. They should at least put the shows back to back instead of fighting it out! Or just have left Grey’s to show on Sundays… Grey’s was the show that made me able to face Mondays! ROFL!!

Brenda, 9 or 10 shows??? Good thing they saw it for the hit it is… although I must confess, when I first saw the initial clips for it I was like, another doctor picture! I’m not watching it! Then, one fateful Sunday, I switched to it and realised that I LOVED it! Those writers are good! I hope they don’t change writers like they did with Desperate Housewives - that show has gone from good to gack!! I don’t even watch it anymore.

Koolbreeze, yes he is FINE isn’t he? I had such a hard time choosing which pic of him I wanted in there. He’s just too yummy!!! :drool: Since you easily identified him I’m going to guess that you have a Caribbean connection too? I’m actually listening to his song now that he did with Nina Sky… As for CSI, I could never remember Sarah’s name either (thanks Brenda!). I think hooking up with Kathryn would have been too predictable. Warrick, I’m not even sure if he’s still married to the girl after he accused her of cheating when she was just planning his bday party! They didn’t even say what happened with that in the last episode either. On Grey’s Izzie (not CC ROFL!!) didn’t kill Denny, she set it up so he could get the heart he needed. He got it, asked her to marry him, she eventually said yes, he got a clot that went to his brain and killed him. :waah: DENNY!!! The two black docs are not married but she gives it to him good! I love her character! No nonesense but gentle when its necessary. The chief cheated on his wife with Grey’s mom, and thought it was a secret but she knew all along. That took some air out of his sails!

I’m mad that they moved it to Thursdays. There better be something kick ass on Sundays now, that’s all I have to say. Sundays and Thursdays are usually the only nights I watch TV. But I can’t give up Survivor and ER!!!

ABC is using the Sunday slot to launch a new show. It’s a compliment to Grey’s that ABC thinks it can stand up to CSI.

I dunno… It will be interesting to see what happens.

I wish I had as much faith in ABC as you do. I have seen them kill shows by moving them into timeslots that just don’t fit them…Friday night is a good show killer! I think that is what NBC is doing to the original L&O too. I had heard rumors that last season was going to be the last one for the original show…then they moved it to Friday night. Seems that they are trying to make THIS season the last one by making THAT move.

I don’t know…hopefully it (Grey’s…sorry I am tired of the original L&O…too many cast changes!) will still do well. :shrug:

Thursday night is “the night” as far as advertising revenue, so ABC needs a strong show in that slot. If the new Sunday show doesn’t fly, and Grey’s is getting clobbered, they may move it back.

I don’t know if the “faith in ABC” comment was directed at me, but I don’t have any faith in them. They’ve made plenty of dumb moves in the recent past.

lol well I suppose it was but mostly it was my disgruntled grumbling at the people at ABC…i really wasn’t scoffing at you…you just got in the way! :wink:

(yeah I am still bitter about how they killed The Mole!) :teehee:

DAMMIT! I loved the Mole!!! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

:rofl: the mole… I only caught one season of that or is that all they did with Kathy Griffin??

I can’t wait for GA to start back but little nervous for it too cause I like my CSI… I think I’m more upset at CBS for moving Without a Trace on me… it broke up my Thurs night watching… :teehee:

BAH! it was GOOD Before they started with that Celebrity Mole CWAP! :grrr:

I watched all of season 1 of Grey’s on DVD earlier this summer. season 2 is supposed to be released on DVD either today, or started releasing last week (I forget), but now it’s “short wait” in my Netflix queue. was hoping to watch all of season 2 before season 3 started. hmm, maybe there’s time… I like the Thurs 2100 time slot much better than Sun 2200, which was too late for me.