OT - Anyone use Netflix?

I’m thinking about cancelling my HBO package through Dish Network and renting DVD’s online through Netflix or maybe Blockbuster. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth it?

Netflix is definately worth it. we’ve been with them for 5 years now. wow, it dosen’t seem like it’s been that long…lol. We live reasonably close to a distribution center, so we usually have new movies in our mailbox 2 sometimes 3 days after we mail the old movies back. fast turn around and a great selection.

I have to agree with everything Jax says. My DH and I looove netflix!

We have Netflix too. We really like it because they have a HUGE selection. You can create a list of movies that you want to see and then you can order that list as often as you want. they send you the movie at the top of your list (if it is available).

Here’s the only problem. If you’ve been with the service any amount of time over approx 3 months, you are no longer able to rent the biggest and newest movies right after they come out. You may have to wait a couple weeks or a month before you are able to rent it.

They give new people priority. They do that so everyone who is new LOVES the service and tells everyone they know about how great it is.

I forgot another cool thing. They have movie trailers (previews) of most of the movies they have on there. You can look at a description of the movie and watch that preview and decide if you want to rent it.

Don’t try it if you’re not a member though. It only works for members.

We love our Netflix. We’ve been with them for about 3 years now and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. Their customer service is awesome - we received a scratched dvd on two different occasions and they sent us a new one, no questions asked. They’re fast and have a HUGE selection of movies.

I never knew about the whole preference for new people thing…interesting. :?? We usually have so many movies in our queue that we don’t even notice when new movies come out until like weeks later, anyways.

We love Netflix too…we live VERy close to a distribution center and usually get new movies 2 days after we return the old one. It’s so wonderful not to have to go to the movie store anymore. The only problem we have is that sometimes the movie we have is not the one we’re in the mood to see!

We had Netflix for a year and the service was great and we always had movies to watch, but we also found that after we had been with them a while it was more difficult to get the newer movies. They would be on our lists for weeks before we were able to get them. We found that we got tired of waiting and would still go to Blockbuster to get the new releases, so we just cancelled Netflix last month. Not that it wasn’t a great deal, we just found that we’re saving money using them because we were still going to Blockbuster. I guess it depends on how patient you are!

wow- i’ve never noticed the priority being to new members. I can assure you that’s not the case with us, though. :shrug: maybe DH and I are just lucky, we’ve never had to wait more than 3 days for a new release.

We love netflix we cancelled all our extra movie channels. Its definately worth the money. We have been renting from them for a three years and we have had very little problems with the service. Once or twice a disc didn’t arrive or arrived very late but its pretty rare from what i can tell. They have a decent selection too.

My boyfriend and I have had it for a few months now. We both love it.

We don’t have a problem with the new releases or anything, since 1) most of them we’re not interested in seeing, and 2) we’ve got over 200 movies in our queue right now. :rofl:
There’s not much of a chance we’ll be getting to the new ones before they turn old. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But yes, it’s very much worth it. We haven’t had any problems with them at all thus far.

And I really love the comments feature. It helps to read what other people have to say about the movie. My only complaint would probably be that the movie descriptions kind of tend to suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have it and love it…I’m on a Dark Shadows kick right now and have EVERY SINGLE DVD of it in my queue! :happydance:

another :thumbsup: for netflix here

even if you cancel HBO you can rent all their shows on Netflix like Sopranos or Six Feet Under. Soooooo much cheaper and you can watch at your own pace. :heart: Netflix.

we have it and love it. we have the 3-at-a-time and always have a 2 day turnaround.

I’m sold! I talked to a woman here at work this morning because I remembered she said that she had signed up for the free trial. She got online and showed me her list and everything. I’m going to sign up for the free trial as soon as I get done on here, and I’ll call and cancel the HBO when I get home. Thanks guys!!

Aye, we use Netflix an’ love ‘t. ‘tis th’ best way t’ get British flicks o’er here that I know. I nereminded th’ blockbuster delay on accoun’ o’ so wee o’ them interest me. :twisted:

We love it, too!!! Lonnie gets lots of music dvds, I do movies and all sorts of shows…love, love!!!

I’ve got netflix. It is the $9.99 package, one movie at a time, unlimited rentals per month. I think the idea of Neflix is great, but the advertisments say that it takes one business day to receive the DVD. Not so for me. It takes 2 days to get a movie, and 2 days for netflix to get it once I send it back. It just goes to Greensboro, which isn’t that far from me. By the time I received and sent the DVD back, I was averaging about one a week. I decided to put my account on hold, because I don’t have much time to watch DVD’s anymore. I may end up cancelling my account eventually. For me, it’s easier just to run to the movie store and pick one up. Plus, on mondays they have 99cent rentals, so it is almost cheaper just to do it that way.
JMHO. :smiley:

We’ve had it for nearly 2 years and we :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! We have a 4 yo ds and he has his own queue. Anytime he sees a movie he wants to watch, we add it to his list and it comes in his name. We’ve allotted him 1 movie and we get the other 2 so as soon as I return on of his flicks, he gets a new one automatically. Dh & I were talking the other day about upping our package to the next level. Right now we’re at 3 movies at a time, but I watch so many videos at night (dh works nights) that we can’t seem to keep them in the house. lol

We live pretty close to a distribution center and our turnover is usually 2 days… if I get the video in the morning pickup, that is. :slight_smile: