OT: Anyone seen this website?

I found this on yarnaholics.com, and thought they were cute. Thought I’d share. When you click on an item it has tons more with that design on it.



I love that site. I want a long sleeve tee shirt!!!


I went to http://www.yarnaholics.com/ and this is what I got:

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Also at cafepress: Check out the Scarf Ace T-shirt, too. I love it! [color=blue]“Say hello to my needle friend!”[/color]

Those are so cute!

Now I want a shirt with a sheep on it :rofling:

I love cafepress!
I’m a shop owner there, I have a few t-shirts, but mostly it is my photography that I have up there.
If anyone is interested in having their Own work on a t-shirt, totebag, mousepad, greeting cards, or anything they have there, let me know. I can take your photo and enhance it ( I have some graphic art experience) and make you a cool keepsake!


Your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!

Thank you njknitter!

For you~

My husband is most definitely getting that “My wife says…” t-shirt for Father’s Day.

I got a mug from there that says “F%$# off I’m knitting”

ndian Princess your stuff is soooooogorgeous :inlove: DO you use a digital SLR or a “real” SLR?

Thank you feministmama~

I use a digital Canon Rebel 300. There are some photographs in there that are taken with my Minolta 450si, but for the most part I reach for the Rebel these days.

Instant gratification. :cheering:

Please feel free to call my IP, so much easier on the typing fingers. :smiley: