OT: Anyone on/been on Jenny Craig/Nutrisystems?

I’m just wondering what the cost is like before I call and get roped in by a representative. You know, new year’s is coming up and all. :wink: just ballparks are fine for food and whatever else they charge you.

thanks :slight_smile:

Nutrisystem does food ONLY, as far as I’m aware. I tried it last year, and it was like $280 for a 4-week supply. A lot of the food is not bad for taste, but the portions are TINY!! Of course, this is one of the reasons you lose weight, but IMO you’re better off eating more normal quantities of low-cal food. I lost 18 pounds or so in about 6 weeks, but it all came back on when I went off it–even though I was still really careful about what I ate. The oh-so-sad truth is that exercise is the key for me…which is why I’m still a chunk! :rofl:

I’m right there with you on the exercise thing, hunterjenn! If I could only get myself back on my treadmill!

I did Nutrisystem a long time ago so I couldn’t tell you how they are now in terms of cost but I do know that once you start eating real food again is when you have the problems.

IMO, Weight Watchers is a better deal.

Actually the thing I’m trying right now is the Real Age thing like Oprah had featured – Dr. Oz is pretty right on.

Check him out at www.realage.com

There is very good advice and a 2 week plan you can follow.

I’m trying to wrap my my around trying it now too.

If I could only stop eating ice cream at night :grrr:

Oh, the holiday stress!

Good luck,

My mom and I joined Curves about three months ago. It was the best decision we ever made. I haven’t lost much weight because I don’t stick to a diet, but I lost almost 10 inches and my energy is through the roof! I am 100% convinced that joining Curves (and therefore, exercising three times a week) cured my mild depression. I’ve got more confidence now than I’ve ever had, and I made new friends. Even though I sometimes don’t really wanna go after a long day at work, I’m so happy after I do go. You should definitely check into it, because diet alone is not enough…exercise is the key.

Good luck! :hug:

My husband lost 75 pounds on Nutrisystem and then after stopping, it slowly all came back. He had much better luck with just cutting calories and watching his carbs. He eliminated potatoes, pasta, rice and soda,and has had more success with this in losing and keeping it off.

Um… isn’t curves just for women?

I went on Meridia. You do have to meet BMI requirements and/or blood pressure ones/cholesterol/diabetes, if I remember correctly. I didn’t meet the BMI requirement of 30+, but I did have pretty high blood pressure.

It runs about $90/bottle; I joked that it essentially caused chemically induced anorexia. I ended up losing about 50 pounds in about 5-6 months (went from a 14 to a 4), and I’ve had pretty good luck at keeping it off. I have about 5-10lbs that continually reappear and disappear depending on the time of the month.

My husband said that I acted really nervous about the first month or so on it, but after that things evened out. Overall, I was pretty pleased with it.

I tried Nutrisystem a while back. I agree, the portions are TINY!!

However, I was in the gym, twice a day. I lost 20 pounds in a month, had more muscle and looked great. I attribute most of the success to smaller portions (not NS) and just working out.

You can get the same results as NS by just buying Lean Cuisine or Health Choice. I did that a few years ago and dropped 16 pounds. It’s all about portion control and exercise.

Before My last son was born I had been a member of Curves for about 2 years never lost any weight, but ended up losing 56 inches. They kept telling me I wasn’t losing weight because muscle weighs more than fat. I was sooo happy with the results. I really enjoyed going as well I loved talking to all the other ladies. As soon as my youngest is in preschool I plan on rejoinging. It was about $100 to sign up although if I remember correctly I think that was some sort of deal and then it was $45 a month. That is in Canadian dollers.

yeah i don’t think Sean can do Curves even though I am sure they would love him! :wink:

It sounds like NS is actually more of a starvation plan. If it really worked, and you were careful when you went off of it, you “shouldn’t” gain the weight back i would think. But if the portions are that small your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to everything that you put into it. blah!

My sister said Nutrisystem food was gross and it cost her like $300 a month. I have been dieting for years and if you want something well rounded try either Ediets and do their profile or WW. South Beach is good too, but you have to be careful with it and be intelligent.

Another vote for something like Weight Watchers… which is what I used (the at-home program - I’ve never been to a meeting) to lose 20 pounds (and have kept them off). (OK, that and getting my thyroid levels back where they should be with medication…). I agree that a program where you get all your meals made for you isn’t going to help teach you about portion sizes and what constitutes a healthy diet.

(I was full of smart remarks about Sean joining Curves, but you beat me to it! :teehee: )

Good luck, Sean!

Um… isn’t curves just for women?[/quote]
Oh my, I am so embarassed! Sorry Sean, Curves is definitely just for women! I apologize for making the assumption that you were a woman. Sometimes I forget that lots of men enjoy knitting too! :oops: :oops: :oops:

a cool site is www.fitday.com. You can enter everything you have eaten for the day as well as any excercise that you do, and it will tell you how many calories you have taken in (and the other nutritional stuffs) and how many you have burned. It is free to use online, and there is downloadable software that you can buy that offers even more bells and whistles. very cool. You can also enter labels for things that aren’t listed (like i put in my low sodium tuna) and it will save them for you.

In town we have the mens version of Curves. It’s called The Blitz.

I tried the Nutrisysystem. The food was good, expensive since you also have to purchase fresh fruits, veggies, milk, etc. The best thing I ever tried was Weight Watchers. I lost fifty pounds in about six months and I couldn’t do hardly any exercise, due to being handicapped from MS and polio. I loved the program, ate good and healthy. My husband went with me, but didn’t participate, since he wasn’t overweight. There were men and women in my group and we all enjoyed it. The weekly meetings motivated me. I have the at home kit, but haven’t used it. Right now, I don’t need to, I’m at about my best weight, plus I’m sick. I’ve tried diets galore, but for me, I like WW. Best of luck! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve seen lots of differing results with all of these systems, I’ve been on a couple of them myself. And to be quite honest, they truly work for a VERY small percentage of the population.

The best way, that I’ve found to lose the body fat, and get that energy buzz that a lot of people feel when they start losing weight is this…

  1. Eat more leafy green vegies (spinach, brocolli etc)
  2. Reduce sugars and saturated fats
  3. Move… simply move… for 20 minutes three times a week
  4. The more body fat you have, the more water you should drink, start at 1.5L and work up from there.

A big pitfall of weight loss is fruit juice. Beleive it or not, there are HUGE amounts of sugars, not refined, but nonetheless. You’re better off eating a piece of fruit and then drinking a big glass of water.

Well, Ive been on nutrisystem for about 9 months. I’ve lost 40 lbs. I have a major problem and cant exercise. I bought the weekends off program through qvc. It cost about $200. I find I like most of the meals, but there are some things Im not crazy about. If you purchase through the nutrisystem website, they don’t charge shipping, you can customize the plan but it does cost more but you get a full month. No weekends off.

I don’t have to think. I add salad, dairy, fruit. But all I have to do is nuke it and I’m good to go.

I think the food taste pretty good, and I’m considered a good cook, but I’ve never been a picky eater (suppose that’s why I have a weight problem).

I did the lean cuisine for lunches but it just didn’t work. I also used to do slimfast shakes. I like to chew so NS seems to be working for me.

i’ve decided against the NS/JC thing… i’m sure there is something else i can do that i can feel better about too… maybe i will try WW again, too… i did that once before, but right at the time my dear friend was dying of ovarian cancer and i managed to gain weight on WW. i never went back after that. the idea i like about NS and JC is the structure and limits, eat 1 packaged meal for lunch, one for dinner, etc, but then I can totally see myself eating 4 of them on a bad day if they’re any good. I think I will go back to the master cleanse idea and I am going to start some essiac tea soon too, maybe go vegan… i’ve needed to do something for a very long time, just with the holidays and new years coming, i feel fatter than normal and hate it more, feeling more desperate.

feminine_earth, no worries, easy mistake to make! (2nd time this week actually! :teehee:) i didn’t even think twice about it, when you said curves, i thought to myself hmmm, gym. there are certainly worse things i could be called too. :wink: