OT - Anyone in the reserves, or married to a reservist?

Just curious. I have some questions for anyone who is, or knows of the reserve. It doesn’t really matter which branch.

I doubt I could help you much but I know someone in the Army Reserves. Actually he just got called to Iraq. He leaves after Christmas.

That’s very nice of you. I really need to speak with someone with more first hand experience. I appreciate your response though!

I have a friend who is in the navy reserves. I speak w/ him 1-=2 x a week… what can I help w?

I’ll PM you.

My husband spent 8 years in the USMC reserves.

We weren’t married for the whole time, but we’ve been together the whole time.


my sister (twin) is in the Army Reserves. i talk to her everyday. shes over here all the time :poke:

My questions are kinda specific to the Navy Reserve, although I assume it is all quite similar, yes? Maybe no. What do I know?

Well, aren’t you :!!!: picky?



I know huh, and after I said I wasn’t. :teehee:

Snowbear, did you get my PM?

My husband just got out of the Army Reserve, and he was deployed right after we started dating (we’d been together for five weeks or so) for 18 months. I’m willing to answer any questions you might have, even if it is Army and not Navy.

My husband was a Navy Recruiter before he retired and might know the answers, Carmen. You can PM me and I can ask him.

I’ll PM you. Thanks