OT- Anyone hooked on Sudoku?

Are any of you doing these puzzles? I just started and am finding them almost as addicting as knitting ( is it possible?) They are really fun and test your logical thinking skills. I’m enjoying it very much.

Anyone else?

I tried it a couple of times. First time I threw it across the room, second time I had more patience but gave up too soon. Knitting wasn’t that frustrating to learn! Anyway, it is addictiing to many people. At work, I see a woman who is suppose to be working and she looks like she is in deep thought with her work, only to walk by and find her working on one of those things!

Holy cow, I cannot express how addicted I’ve become. It started simply enough, with a puzzle on a different site. (It was last week’s Lenny Conundrum on neopets.com if anyone frequents it.) I went to a site or two to learn the basics, and once I’d finished the given puzzle I found myself hankering for more. Web sudoku is now a daily visit. My personal best time for easy is 3 minutes 40 seconds, and I need to start doing the medium and hard ones for more of a challenge.
It’s just as bad as knitting, you know. You start one, you finish it, you think “Gee, that was neat” and before you know it you’ve started another! Sort of like hats, which I find to be similarly quick and gratifying.
…It occurs to me that this may be a problem. I saw the link to web sudoku in the preview and went ‘ooo, sudoku!’ and did another puzzle.

Another big YES!
My dad brought me home a present today. It’s a little electronic Sudoku puzzle thing. :rollseyes: I told him that was evil and MEAN and not GOOD when I have papers to write! Hehe.
I love these things!

Yes yes yes yes yes. I have 3 books going…and now have the website to check out (thank you). Somewhere I looked online is selling sets of 5 or 6 books (darned if I can remember where). Electronic Sudoku??? A must have. Am working on a way to sudoku and knit at the same time lol

which one did you get? I want to get one for my son!

Um, that like involves numbers and like I totally don’t get it. :doh:

I can’t find the one I got, but Amazon.com lists a bunch of them if you search for “electronic sudoku.”

Hmmm-haven’t heard of it, thank goodness–I used to be hooked on Pogo!! I can hardly get my knitting done as it is—I cannot have another passion!! My reading list is already suffering, unless you count kntting books. I used to read all the time, now I don’t even know what’s on the best seller list. :frowning:

You know, that’s the exact same thing I thought when I first saw it. That’s why I didn’t get hooked until just recently. There’s absolutely no math involved, though. You just need to be able to count to 9, really… the rest is a placement puzzle.
Have you ever played Tetris and then tried to sleep, only to find your brain playing Tetris whenever you closed your eyes? I’ve been getting that a bit, but with columns and boxes of numbers. It’s crazy.

Yeah but its not like math or anything. My son has a Suduko book that has pictures. Its just putting the right object in the right box. sort of. My mother said she got the electric Soduko and its in the mail and should be here for xmas. I can’t wait till he goes to sleep. :devil:

Oh yes! We were joking about what geeks we were one night…we were playing Sudoku and watching the Science Channel! :roflhard: I haven’t been doing them as much because I’ve been knitting, but I do have a book. My DH is on his second book.

I have White Belt Sudoku and my DH is now on Green Belt Sudoku.

The website I’ve used for printing them is this one. I go into the archive and print the ones I want. My 10yr old niece likes the ones for kids. She does the medium ones now.

Now for those who like to do it on the computer or their laptop here is some software that’s really neat!

I’m a veritable fountain of info today aren’t I? :roflhard:

Yes! Another Sudoku addict. I’m so sick of counting to 9! I’m doing the Will Shortz series. I’ll usually have 2 or 3 puzzles going at a time because I’ll get stuck and go work on one of the others.

I’ve been hooked on Soduku {or however you spell it!} for years, but it was just a couple months ago that I spotted the books devoted to it. I know it as “Number Places”. If you can get Dell puzzle magazines, look for one called “Math puzzles and Logic problems”. It comes out four times a year I think. Each issue has at least 2 pages devoted to just those puzzles, and there’s usually at least one challenger puzzle that’s a full page {with numbers up to 16}. All of the puzzles in the publication are math or logic based, and IMO there’s nothing better in the way of brain candy when you enjoy this type of thing. In each issue {and other Dell Magazines}, there is usually a place where you can order a special issue {or issues} of magazines devoted to one type of puzzle… just look for the one that says “number places”… it’s MUCH cheaper than the books with the fancier name.

I was recently at a gathering where there was a few Music Theory profs in attendance - they were going on and on about how Soduko was related to Music Theory in some way - WAY over my head.

I DO think it has something to do with math.


This is interesting that you mention it. My parents got my son an electronic one to give him for Christimas and I’ve never heard of it.

Now I’m going to have to check out those websites.

I’ve seriously been thinking about soduko lately, I’ve been drawn to it, but I havent gotten a book or anything about it yet. It seems really interesting.

I am still hooked on Pogo but now that someone has pointed me to these I think I might be hooked on this too. I don’t have time to be hooked on anything else. LOL.


i’m not really good at it, but my boyfriend is. he’s always doing it and beating them. he really enjoys it.

they always have books on clearance at Barnes & Noble. =)

I was mildly addicted for about the first three days after I tried them–my mil is getting a book of them for Christmas so I hope she’ll like them she loves traditional crossword puzzles. I keep a little book of them in my purse and work on them when I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, etc.