OT: Anyone from the Minneapolis area?

My hubby and I may be making the move out there in the next few months and I was wondering about apt. hunting. You know, what are the nice parts of town, LYS’s, of course, all in all just need a few names of towns that we could start looking for apts.

His job is going to be located around the St. Louis Park area. So anything within a half hour or so would be great.

Oh, we do not want to live downtown either. Hope that doesn’t limit us too much.

TIA for any help!!

Ooooooohhhh. I always drive through St. Louis Park to get to Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove, so if you move into the St. Louis Park area, you’ll be close. The Yarn Cafe is one of my favorite LYS. :smiley:

I don’t know too much about that area around St. Louis Park, but Maple Grove is nice. Some other cities close to St. Louis Park are: Brooklyn Park, Golden Valley, and Plymouth (I have spent a little time here, so I know it’s a pretty nice area).

I am from MN, though I don’t live there now so I can’t help with apartment hunting, but in terms of yarn stores, in addition to the Yarn Cafe, there is another big yarn store in Maple Grove called Amazing Threads. Their website is: Amazing-threads.com. And they are open everyday of the week. When I visit my folks this summer, I am going to suggest that we visit there.:smiley:


My grandparents live in St. Anthony, my father lives in Eden Prairie and my b/fs parents live in Eagan.
Those are all pretty nice places.

I don’t know how close/far they are from St. Louis Park though. :oops:

Thanks everyone!! :smiley: I really appreciate the suggestions. I’ll let my hubby know right away!

I’m so excited about the prospect of getting out of CT. We’ve hated it since the day we moved out here. (Aside from the beautiful scenery, its just gorgeous out here in the fall, that I will miss) But nothing else.

Hopefully it’ll be late summer or early fall. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


I don’t know what the difference will be, but MN in the fall is really pretty too. :slight_smile:
And winter, when the trees are covered in the thick white snow. As much as I hate the cold, it sure does look nice. :inlove:

Hope everything works out well/smoothly for ya! :thumbsup:

Weren’t you the one who was moving to Hanford, CA? :??

sigh if i live in CT again i don’t think i would ever leave it again. i love being close to home but i miss CT alllll the time.

I personally don’t think the winters in CT come close to the winters in the midwest. we don’t get the big ol’ Nor’easter snows but the cold is wicked (well except for this last year!) -30 degree temps are not that uncommon in January and then the wind starts blowing. i love winter as much as i love autumn but i could do without THAT much cold! :shock:

When we moved to Minnesota, we used Apartment Search to help us find a place to live since we didn’t know the area very well. It doesn’t cost you anything. You can check out their web site below, but I would suggest contacting someone in their Bloomington office to have a real person to work with: 1-800-989-8780.


The person we worked with was fabulous. She really listened to what we were after, took us around to see a variety of apartments, and helped us refine our search as we started to see what was available in various parts of the metro area.

Since your husband is going to be working in the St. Louis Park area, I would recommend you start with the following cities: St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Golden Valley, Edina, Bloomington. You said anything within about a half hour or so would be great…I’m assuming that means commute time during rush hour traffic. These cities will probably be your best bet. If you start getting much further from St. Louis Park it will increase the commute. The Apartment Search people are a good resource for this information, too, especially once you know specifically where your husband’s office will be located in St. Louis Park.

Now for the important LYS info! :smiley:

There are quite a few in the metro area, but some of my favorites are:
Needlework Unlimited
The Yarnery

Good luck! Let me know if I can help with any other local info.

Nope, we had wanted our next move to be to the northwest, but as we all know we don’t always get what we want!! :sunny:

Are you from out here or a transplant?

Thanks Lisa Kay!! I so appreciate this help. :cheering:

no i grew up in the midwest. I lived in CT for about four years and was delighted the whole time. If it weren’t for the fact that my mother would probably see neither of her children if i lived out there, i would have moved back long ago.

well and if i had more money…lol

Nope, we had wanted our next move to be to the northwest, but as we all know we don’t always get what we want!! :sunny:[/quote]

:lol: Must have been someone else. I hope you find what you are looking for!

no i grew up in the midwest. I lived in CT for about four years and was delighted the whole time. If it weren’t for the fact that my mother would probably see neither of her children if i lived out there, i would have moved back long ago.[/quote]

It always facinates me when I meet someone who likes it here. :rofling: Actually if facinates both me an hubby. :roflhard:

Well I guess someone has to like it out here, right!! Bully for you!! :thumbsup:

I just returned from a visit to MN, and I went to a FABULOUS yarn store called Creative Fibers. It’s on Penn Avenue, I believe, and it’ more than just yarn… they have spinning, weaving, felting, dyeing… it’s great.

Oh God, I’m SOOOO jealous!! My BFF lives in a 'burb called Roseville. It’s very nice, and not far from the “downtown” area.

I want to move, too!! It’s my sincere hope that I will be in/near Minneapolis permanently, someday.

Amazing Threads and Yarn Cafe are my “must stops” on my way through “The Cities” to my db’s in New Richmond Wisc. (just over the MN border near Hudson and over the St. Croix River and Stillwater MN). From Fargo to DB’s house takes about 3/4 of a tank of gas, I stop at at least one of the two yarn shops vs. topping off the tank for gas. They fill my tank plenty!
Maple Grove is very Nice. DB and fam lived in Inver Grove Hghts for a bit and DSIL is from W St. Paul but they wanted to move over the border to find a house they could afford and parts of St. Paul have become what db call’s cop killing areas :shock:
Bloomington has the Mall of America. Even some outer lying towns that are perhaps 30 or 40 min/miles from Maple Grover are good too… ex. my dh’s cousin and fam lives in Monticello and there’s Rogers too

Me and dh used to live in River Falls, WI! Small world. He went to school there for a couple of yrs before we moved to Madison, WI.

His brother still lives in River Falls. And we’ve been to the MOA and didn’t really care for it too much. Too big. :frowning: Makes me sad to say I didn’t like a mall. :rofling: Although the Legoland part was neat.

I haven’t been to MOA in over a year. Used to make a yearly trip with dbil and dsil as a weekend to get out of dodge… but since my db moved, i go north of the city instead of south. i can say we’ve been there, but it’s allright to kill time.

My db actually lived in CT for 10yrs and once split from his ex, he promptly moved back to this area. He just never felt he fit in, he’s a big strapping guy and a lot of people found him to some sort of odity. He loves going to the lakes and out there, a lake is something you have your summer home and pool next too. Nice place to visit though he said…
So totally no offense to CTians!!! :heart: