OT: Anyone else see the new Ebay ad?

Yesterday I was watching ABC Family (lots of old Christmas claymation programs on) and a commercial for Ebay came on. It had Jim Gaffighan (sp ??) in it, and the theme was “Nobody wants homemade gifts for Christmas”, and that people should use Ebay instead of making gifts for loved ones. He was holding a pair of mittens, and at the end of the commercial, sniffs them and says “Smells like church”.

I doubt Ebay will care, but I am going to write them and tell them I don’t appreciate their belittling of handmade presents. I have used Ebay in the past, and will continue to do so when I need to; but slamming people with the skill to create gifts made with love in every stitch just so people will buy second-hand electronics, etc. seems to be a low blow.

Just needed to vent…:tap: