OT: Anyone else home with a sick child today?

My son has strep, and this is the third day I’m home from work. I took him to the dr Wed am but the test was negative. We’re going back in a few minutes so they can take another culture, but his throat looks nasty :ick: and he’s running very high fevers, so I’m sure it’s strep that wasn’t caught because I took him so soon.

I’ve been doing some baking the past couple of days, and I got all my laundry folded! Still have shopping to do and all presents to wrap. Thinking I will go out after my husband gets home from work today.

Anyone else house-bound with sick little ones?

Maybe I can even find an hour to knit some more!

I’m home with a sick hubby- I’m on a vacation day but I ended up taking care of him.

Hope your son feels better- I had strep so many times, I finally had my tonsils removed in February- I was 25 and it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Best thing I can suggest is Carnation Instant Breakfasts-- they are mixed with milk and have all the nutrients you need. Even when I could barely swallow after surgery I could get those done. I love the chocolate ones-- who doesn’t like chocolate milk?? Mix it up, put ice in it to make it cold, and it feels soooooo good to drink when your throat is sore. You might suggest it to your son- helps keep energy up to fight whatever bug you’ve got.


Hope your son feels better soon.

I work from home, so I’m always here anyway. My DD went to school today, but when she got home she was looking kind of pale. There’s a lot of icky stuff going around at her school. She says her throat doesn’t hurt but it is a little red and she says her stomach feels queasy. She would rather die than get a stress test, so she might just say her throat doesn’t hurt because she doesn’t want the test. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully whatever it is goes away quickly so she won’t be sick for Christmas.

I’m home with a sick me and a sick hubby…does that count? :teehee:

Home I am, yes, and the sick child is me :verysad:

I finally went back to full duty at work after the surgery and now I caught some stomach bug that’s going around the nursing home. :grrr:

Hope all the ill ones are feeling better :hug:

my 9 month old woke up with a nasty nose this morning, but I’m a SAHM and so I’m not missing any work, just house chores. :verysad: I don’t like sick kids (well I love them, just not the virus)