OT: anybody watch soaps?

if so which ones and why?!?!?

Days of Our Lives.

Just because I’ve been watching for like 15 years, AND I CAN’T STOP!!! I wish I could. It’s sooooo stupid. :rollseyes:

Me too!! i want to stop… i just listen and if anything good happens i’ll look up. i also watch Passions and Young and the Restless.

i have watched Days all my life…my whole family has been a family of Days watchers. Dad took his “nap” each day from 1230-130 when Days was on. My brother planned his college courses around Days. When i was in high school we would watch it in band class on the days that the jazz band rehearsed (imagine 20 high school kids in an office the size of a cubicle watching days on a 9 inch tv!..lol) My mom STILL tapes it every day and watches it later.

i rarely watch it any more because i am almost always at work when it is on. However if i am at home i can’t help but turn it on. I don’t know how you could POSSIBLY think it is stupid though… :rollseyes: …lol

i LOVED Another World and Santa Barbara back when they were on…never really got into any of the others and Passions freaks me out whenever i flip through it… :shock:

yeah Passions is a little off the chain. its actually worst than Days but better than Days :?eyebrow: … if that is possible!

I decided to give soaps a try when passions first came on :rollseyes: turned me off of soaps for good… Sometimes I will flip over to see if the same thing is happening… I wish all story lines would come out and they would moooooooovvvveeeee onnnnnn lol then I might go back to it

tellme about it. some story lines go on FOOOORRRRREEEVEERRRR. i think that is judt annoying!

but i did get DH hooked on Passions and YR

My mom had followed Guiding Light since it was on the radio, so big sis and I got caught up in it, too. Then YR. Then As the World Turns. I haven’t seen them in at least a year. This is the first time in my life that I don’t have a clue what’s happening on any of them.

ATWT is my absolute favorite, though. The Lily/Holden teen love story played out when I was in my impressionable teens. :inlove:

Ok, you’re all going to think I have no life when I answer, but…

I watch Bold & the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light.

It all started about 14 years ago when my sister and I would spend summer afternoons at my Grandma’s house. She didn’t have cable and watched all those soaps (including Young & the Restless, which I no longer watch), so we watched along with her.

And now that I have Tivo, I can’t stop watching, even though B&B maddens me most of the time!! ATWT is my current fav. Sara, you may be sad to know that Lily and Holden are on the rocks (again!)

I will justify my soap watching by saying that this is when I do most of my knitting–I just look up when something important happens.

Oh and even though I live in Santa Barbara, I HATED that soap when I was a little kid–I used to run out of the room when the theme song came on. :lol:

Hooray though, first post for me! To think, I’ve been lurking around here for a few weeks now (being a pretty new knitter) but it took a SOAP topic to draw me out of hiding! :smiley:

thats ok as long as you did join… thats all the matters!!
welcom, take shoes off… stay awhile! :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:

i watched Guiding light breifly, only cause there was nothing else on between classes and i had to watch something or go to sleep… :zzz:

And now that I have Tivo, I can’t stop watching, even though B&B maddens me most of the time!! ATWT is my current fav. Sara, you may be sad to know that Lily and Holden are on the rocks (again!)

ohh don’t ya just love Tivo?? That is the best thing since bread and butter!!! :inlove: my Tivo!!!

Dustin~ your sig rocks… :roflhard:

BB… i never understood that that show only ran for 30 minutes!! what can the do in 30 min.?

I don’t really have a need for Tivo since i stay home and nothing that i want to watch has something on at the same time. i’m sure my DH would love it. plus i’m on here all day so who needs tv!

You know, you don’t realize that you NEED Tivo, until you get it, and then have to go away for a few days and live without it! It’s not even so much about watching shows that are on at conflicting times as it is about not having to worry about when things air, so you can watch them any time, and pause and skip commercials! I also :heart: my Tivo very very much!

Since I work all day, it’s also singlehandedly responsible for my soap watching. Otherwise I might only catch 1 show a year, on those rare weekday holidays.

As for B&B being half an hour–lots of shows used to be only 30 minutes–they are just the only ones who haven’t converted. Probably to be different or something–or keep you in suspense longer.

You know, you don’t realize that you NEED Tivo, until you get it, and then have to go away for a few days and live without it!
Oooh Amen to that! My mom doesn’t have it and it drives me INSANE. It’s not even the recording that drives me insane (well, it does but not the main issue) it is the fact that I can’t “pause” her TV. I always reach for the remote and try though :rollseyes:

koolbreeze thanks lol I seen that wanted to make myself a sign with that on it but never have LOL

OHH I know when I go home its like where is the pause oh they don’t have one… or last time we were in dh and I missed something so he said no biggie just hit rewind… I went to grab the remote when it hit us both ohhh no rewind… I’m bad about this recording a movie cause I can and think oh I won’t watch it now watch it later and before I know it my Tivo is filled with movies that I Haven’t watched LOL :smiley:

Hm As The World Turns here aswell :slight_smile: the best thing: I know the voices and events so I can actually knit while watching it because I don’t have to actually look at the TV the entire time :happydance:

I’ve watched that on and off (mostly “on” though ;)) for the last 17 or so years. Others have come and gone (like santa barbara) but ATWT has stayed :slight_smile:
My mother in law always tapes it for me if she knows I"m going to have somewhere else when it airs and she will save the entire weeks worth of episodes for me to watch in the weekends. Do I have to mention that I not only have a wonderful boyfriend but he came attached to one of the most lovely ladies ever?? :heart:

Remember though; we are WAY behind on you guys (for your reference: Paul Ryan is about to marry Rose DiAngelo and take her to Paris with him, but something fishy is going on there and Dusty Donovan is trying to find out what; Mike Kasnoff is still recovering from his accident and something is blooming between him and Katie Frasier even if she is still trying to deal with Simons death and Bonnie has just been convicted to 6 months in jail for her role in Marshall Travers death)

Hm for the ignorant foreigner: what on earth is this Tivo you guys are talking about??


SimplyKaar, I might be wrong on this so I went to bestbuy.com and searched Tivo… I belive Tivo is just a brand of a DVR but its what I have through my satellite carrier… It will record and save shows and movies for you… you can season pass anything that you want to watch each week but may forget to… you can also record by wishlist like I have Cary Grant in mine so when his movies are on they are recorded… You can pause live TV and rewind live TV… when you pause it keeps recording so this gives you the opportunity to then fast forward through commercials (i love this!!!) you can hit one button that will re-play the last phrase… Its great I love it LOL :smiley:

oeh a fancy smancy VCR then :slight_smile: and you can pause and rewind LIVE TV??? awsome!!
I wonder why I haven’t heard of this on our side of the world :thinking: Maybe your tv stations have to send out a specific signal along with the normal things they send so the thing will know what is going on?

Gah, now that I’ve heard of this, I want it too!

NOOOOO! Fortunately, as a kid, living with my grandma, I was forced to sit and watch Days of Our Lives and Another World, every day. :shock: It was so stupid that I swore when I grew up I would never watch a soap opera.

That doesn’t exactly let me off the hook though. I have my watching routines. When I wake with the DH and he leaves for work, I turn on Rugrats. I’ve loved that show since it first came out back in like 89-90. On a side note, I will ONLY watch the older ones before they had Dil. I hate the newer ones because they are very babified and aren’t chock full of adult pop culture references, like the old ones are. I like the fact that the voice of “Tommy” is E.G. Daily, the big boobed chick from the wonderful 80’s movie “Valley Girls” and I love that Mark Mothersbaugh, lead singer of DEVO(one of my favorite bands in the 70’s/80’s), does all the music for the “Rugrats”

So, my morning routine is 6am-7am Rugrats 7am-8am cleaning 8am-9am Spongebob Squarepants 9am-10am- Rugrats then the rest of my day is either knitting, dancing, cleaning, or whatever. :happydance:

SimplyKaar, wow you are really far behind! I think those episodes aired like 1 1/2 years ago! Coincidentally that’s when I started watching all those soaps again!

Hehe even though it seems that nothing happens sometimes, A LOT has happened since that time…especially with Paul/Rose/Dusty and Simon/Katie/Mike.

And yes, Tivo is a DVR. It actually came out before cable companies started offering their own. It’s got more features than many of them, as well. It is a wonderful invention, Europe should totally get it!