OT - Anybody have fun and/or good news to share?

It’s been kind of a crummy day. Does anybody have any good news to share, or a funny story?

i have a gross story that should NOT be shared so i won’t. [color=gray][size=2]It shouldn’t have been laughed at either, but i couldn’t help it![/size][/color] :roll:

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I must say, that is a verrrrrrrrrry cute picture you have put up there! veddy veddy adorable!

Sorry its been a crummy day. :hug:

I can tell you the stupid and embarassing thing that happened to me Sunday morning.

I was asleep and having a dream that I was walking in the woods with my co-worker. As we walked along the path we came to a hill. I ran right up the hill and my foot got caught on a root at the top. I fell face first onto the downward slope of the hill. My co-worker, right behind me, tripped on my foot which was still caught on the root and she fell face first into the dirt beside me. I took one look at her and busted out laughing. In the dream I laughed so hard in fact, that I woke myself up in real life-but the sound I was making wasn’t a laugh. It came out sounding like some sort of goat/monkey noise.

My mom rushed into the room thinking I was choking.

Embarassing. :oops: But comical.

How about UCLA won and USC lost? That is excellent news. Also, I am going bowling all day on a field trip. Oh and I finished the back of my latest sweater this weekend. And, um, well, I think that’s it.

Good news category: My son was accepted at the college he wants to attend next year!

Sorry your having a bad day. :grphug:


It’s Monday - Mondays are always bad days =P The best thing about them? Four more days till the weekend :hug: :hug: hope your day gets better

Ok, my ds is gonna kill me but…

He was sitting at our computer with the speakers off, and he came to me and said he heard someone say “help me”. (in a high pitched voice). I just laughed and didn’t think much about it. A little later he was still sitting there and I was also in the room and he said he heard it again. ( at this point I’m beginning to wonder if the kid had lost it). So I turn off the TV and listen, I don’t hear anything. Then he says he heard it once more. I looked around to see if I could figure out what was going on.

It was the sound of “smileys” on the site he was on coming through the earphones hooked to the computer that were laying on the computer desk.


:teehee: Yahoo has an audible in their IM program that yells "Hello! I know you’re there! I can seeee yoooooou!’

i have been doing that to my mother whenever i see her online for a while now, knowing it would freak her out. well she has never been sitting there so she didn’t hear it. A couple of weeks ago she was and it scared the bejeebers outta her AND the dog…lol

sadly, she has now figured out how to do them herself and just can’t leave them alone…lol

Well, we just moved here about a month ago (really tiny conservative town) and my daughter hates the school. She’s a weird kid and totally going through a rocker/goth phase. The school has told her that she’s not allowed to wear anything with skulls on it (which annoyed me considering I spent a considerable amount of time knitting her a skull scarf), black nail polish, fingerless gloves, etc… None of these rules are in the dress code in the handbook.

I told her I’d go down there and talk to the principal about it today. I didn’t think it would do a darn bit of good, but I wanted the kid to know that I’ve got her back. After a lively debate, the principal decided they really didn’t have a good reason for these rules and started typing up a memo to send out to the teachers saying these things would now be allowed. I am SOOOO going to be someone’s hero this afternoon. :happydance:

This happened just last night:

I had never bid on eBay, never even visited the site, but I have wanted one more camel and an angel for our Nativity scene for a long time–and I found them and a sweet gentleman on eBay!

I’ve had the set for about 25 years, and the statues were discontinued many years ago. Due to their style and finish, I’ve never been able to locate a third camel and an angel that would come close to matching till I found these. I think my guardian angel must have guided my fingers on the keyboard!

After the purchase, I wrote to the seller: “Thank you so much for making these items available! They will be used in our family’s Nativity scene for many years to come, and we will treasure them! We’ll think of you each year at the holidays when we see the angel and camel…you are an angel! Merry Christmas!”

He replied:“I am glad that someone will enjoy these special pieces. I have had them many years, while my children were growing up. Through the years several pieces were broken. Going through my treasures this year I realized I only have the camel and angel left. Time to find them a new home. Thank you for your bids and Please enjoy these for many many years to come. Enjoy both pieces and have a blessed Christmas.”

I am so thankful!

The school has told her that she’s not allowed to wear anything with skulls on it (which annoyed me considering I spent a considerable amount of time knitting her a skull scarf), black nail polish, fingerless gloves, etc… None of these rules are in the dress code in the handbook.

I sometimes wonder where some of these “rules” come about. My brother was sent home from MS one day for wearing toast to school and then arguing (respectfully) there was nothing in the school handbook that said anything about wearing toast.

I taught middle school long enough to know that kids can learn with black finger nail polish or even toast around their neck! There are really bigger issues in the world.

:?? toast…as in crispy bread? was the purpose so that he could say that there was nothing in the handbook against it? whatever reason, I am amused.

Schools do have enough to battle, and yes, I suppose it can be distracting for others but it hardly seems worth it to try to fight that battle, and could lead to a fairly interesting discussion with the kids.

I had a sociology teacher in high school who was always trying to get us to practice some civilized deviance. His issues, for us of course…lol, were that we had a curfew imposed on us because of the actions of someone who was over the age of 18 and not effected by the curfew, and the fact that we had toilet paper that literally came out of the dispenser 1 sheet at a time (they really were single sheets) He never did get us to protest but I would have totally dug that!..lol

:woot: AWESOME!!!

:rofl: How old is your son? That’s a cute story. I can TOTALLY see my son doing the same thing, all serious-like and concerned! :rofl:

It’s nice to be a “hero” once in a while, isn’t it? I find that as a mom, it’s always my fault for whatever’s going on in the world–fire, earthquake, flood…mom must be guilty somehow! :teehee: I’m not sure why schools get all controlling about personal expression. :!!!: I’m all for rules that prohibit violent, derrogatory, or profanity on clothing and if it’s a safety issue, but why should anybody care if your daughter wears black and skulls? Who or what is she hurting??? I went through the same phase in high school. It’s so hard for kids when they move. I hope things get better for her soon. And have a great afternoon and take the “hero” status for everything you can! :teehee:

Now that’s just a teaser! You HAVE to share the story with all of us!!!

Denise, this is just too weird–it was totally meant for the two of you to find each other!

Thanks everybody for your posts. I am bummed out about things I totally can’t control, which I know I shouldn’t let get me down. You can either control something or not, and if not, then you just accept it and move on, right? But sometimes it gets kind of overwhelming. I just needed some funny and happy stories to pull me out of this blah.

nooooooooo I told Dustina and some other friends and got scolded for sharing that story too close to lunch time…lol

:teehee: believe me its :ick:

good news… hmmm… I always get excited when its time to decorate for Christmas :rofl: my house is done and now we get to do all the fun Christmas activities… :cheering:

Congrats horve1 thats wonderful!!!

I’m excited about getting the options for Christmas too :teehee: