OT: Any quilters? (UPDATED... quilt finished!)

Can anyone recommend a good online quilting shop? Maybe one that sells full kits? I’ve only made one quilt in my life, but I’ve been feeling the itch to make another one soon…


well you know one of KP’s sister sites is connecting threads… :wink: couldn’t help it. :slight_smile: i’ve browsed there, though, and have seen sampler kits, even on clearance sometimes. good luck!

The odd thing: I can’t get the Connecting Threads site to load at all. Is it down?

I quilt also, but do not shop online for quilt fabric the way I do yarn.

With yarn, you are likely to make a project with just one type of yarn, and you can order several skeins of one dye lot to make sure they match.

In quilting, you are intentionally picking several different fabrics. They have to coordinate. That’s difficult to do by just seeing a snapshot online.

I’m afraid I really can’t offer an online fabric site for you.

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Silver, I tend to also agree with MoniDew. If I remember where I think you are in Jax, there used to be several nice quilt shops in the area.

Keepsake Quilting kits

Keepsake used to be the place i would do online shopping for patterns and accesseories, but they do have a lot of kits.

They use to also have a swatch catalog to order that gave you almost 1000 2x2 swatches,


I’ve ordered a few quilting things from This place:

they have quilting kits, accessories, patterns, tools, and sewing stuff. They shipped fairly quickly.

But I’m not a “quilter”. I’m re-learning my basic sewing skills on a couple basic patterns I got from them… so I don’t know if the kits are any good.

Yeah, I checked them out but they only seem to sell fabrics in packs and I don’t particularly like their kits either. Who woulda thought… I love Knit Picks, but am not all too thrilled with Connecting Threads. :frowning:

Ok, You’re right… DeeKnit and MoniDew… I guess it’s best if I get off my butt and actually go to a quilting shop. :doh:

Thanks for the help everyone! :muah:

uh oh, a real life quilting shop. would that be a LQS? me-thinks silver’s wallet is in trouble! :hug:

Nah, not mine.

The man’s. :smiley:

Oh, quilting, my other passion! :slight_smile: Here are my two fave online places to shop for kits:

Fons & Porter

Hancocks of Paducah


eeewwhhh!!! I forgot about hancock’s of Paducah. They had the best catalogs. Beautiful pictures of fabric.

I actually got to visit there one year when I went to the AQS show. It was overwhelming to try and decide on all the fabrics.

I’m a quilter too but I’ve never purchased a quilt kit online. Looks like you got a lot of good suggestions where to find some. Good luck. :happydance:

I second Keepsake Quilting. They have lovely fabrics, quick service, and beautiful products. A great company to deal with.

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Here are several sites that have kits available. I don’t really use kits in my crafting, so I don’t know how good they are.


Hancock Fabrics

Quilt Kits Alaska

Easy Quilt Kits

Maple Country Quilt Kits

Also, a friend of mine is starting a quilt kit business, but her site is under construction. If you would be interested in knowing what she has, prices, etc., let me know and I will PM you her email address.


Thanks for all the online shop suggestions. They all look great! I’ve bookmarked them all. :slight_smile:

But, I found a local quilt shop and went there this morning. I had never been there before, but the ladies were sooooo sweet and helpful! I ended up getting the pattern and fabric for “Yellow Brick Road” by Atkinson Designs. I’m doing similar colors, but I chose more blue, lighter yellows, and a bit of green thrown in for fun.

My quilting teacher said the Yellow Brick Road pattern is fantastic for beginners! The colors you got are just lovely - it will be beautiful when you are finished! :cheering:

Beautiful fabric choices!! I can’t wait to see WIP pictures!

Yes, that’s just why I picked this one… because it’s gonna be easy! LOL The lady at the shop said they just had a class on this quilt and everyone loved making it.

I’m not starting on this right away though, I’m finishing up a (knitted) baby blanket I have to get finished before the baby shower next month, then I’ll start on the quilt. I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

I finished my quilt!!! :cheering:

You can see the pix on my blog. :slight_smile:

Silver, it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I love the stars that you ‘hid’ in there, too. Beautiful. :muah: