OT...any plus size knitters here?

Okay I admit it I’m plus size. I LOVE that beautiful pink knitted skirt on the cover of the recent issue of Vogue Knitting. But NO way would it look good on me. I have to admit at times it’s depressing seeing all the beautiful tank tops etc. that would look beautiful on ANY thin person but not on a plus size gal. I love all the knitting magazines I get but its still a downer when I see all that I’d love to wear but due to my weight struggles…just can’t.

Just wondered if anyone else feel the “pain” :oops: too?

There’s a book coming out for us plus size gals.

Big Girl Knits

:smiley: I saw that book, too…I must get it :wink:

I feel your pain Celine :wink: …it does give me more motivation to continue trying to lose weight…although…if I check out that book…I might lose that motivation if there are some really nice, easy things for me :thinking: :XX: :happydance: to knit for myself.

there is a website where you can buy individual patterns from this designer who specialises in plus size and those designs are absolutely gorgeous! ill see if i can find the link.

plus size here, too

found it


love love love these designs. when i get more adept, i want to buy some of these patterns. i wish she would just come out with a book!


There’s a whole site/group out there too!

:smiley: I also like Vermont Designs…fave is White Lies, of course :wink: Oh, and there’s Oat Couture, too.

me. Of course if you listen to the fashion people anything over a 4T is plus sized anymore. I love the designs of Vermont Fiber Designs. I’ve ordered several of her patterns from Mannings. I’ve also emailed her with questions and she is the nicest person. I MUST make the Fir Cone shell and cardigan once I get every person in the world shod with clogs.

I’m plus size. I don’t usually knit for myself, but had come across a couple of sweaters I really wanted to make for me that were plus size, then I went on weight watchers and now I don’t want to make anything for me until I have lost all of my extra weight. Plus, it is starting to warm up so I wouldn’t be able to wear the sweaters very long before they would be getting put away. So hopefully next fall I will find some nice sweaters I like and make those.

I just pre-ordered Big Girl Knits from Amazon for $18.90…list price is $30!

I just saw the Amazon price, too :smiley: I like the ‘philosophy’ of the book in that it shows/teaches you how to handle the 3 B’s…boobs, belly & butt :wink: And, we have a new ACMoore, they have a great selection of books, I’m going to wait & see if they get the book bc Lonnie just came home with a few $10 gift cards that they were giving away :cheering: :cheering: and, I have coupons…I think I’m gonna like ACMoore :wink:

Being on the short side as well as somewhat overweight I am used to clothes not looking right on me so I only make things for me where fit isn’t critical, like a relaxed fit cardi/jacket. I tried making a shrug but it just looks wrong-wrong-wrong, so will just use it as a bed-jacket. I also love scarves but they don’t love me as I also have a short neck which practically disappears if I have a long/thick scarf on. Luckily I have children/niece/nephew and others to knit for but I wish I could wear the lovely little singlet style or shell tops I see in knitting magazines. Sounds like there are some good sites for you to visit on the internet though, so hope you find something you like.

Celine–you’re not alone–I’m right there with you. I see so many cute knitted things that just won’t look good on me, even if I lost the extra 30 pounds I’m lugging along; I’m shorter and not small boned, and I have bigger arms (not good in a tank top or sleeveless shirt!), a short neck…the list goes on and on! I also have another problem that because I am an impatient knitter, I tend to like to use chunkier yarns so my projects go faster, but then I look twice as bulky with these chunkier yarn items on me. I get bummed out about this stuff too. As much as I love to knit, I try to make little odds and ends for family members because I am having a great time learning new skills and mastering them, but I’m still aching to try to do something really “major” like a sweater or some other garment for myself. Thank you everyone for posting all of this information, because now I feel inspired to try some new things for myself, and thanks for being brave and posting your question, Celine…I was wondering the same thing, but was too shy to ask. :oops:

I think my biggest garment issue is that it seems all designers expect that a “cuddlier” woman also has huge boobages. I dont. I tried making a v-neck tank one time and the V came down halfway between my boobs & belly button! :shock:

I also am on a site called Ample-Knitters.com. There are lots of +sized ladies who have lots of experience in upsizing patterns and doing all sorts of things required to fit us Rubenesque gals. It is NOT, of course, like KH, but there’s lots of info, and you can go back into posts for info. There’s a plus size knitting forum on Yahoo. I’ve also googled for plus size patterns and come up with a number of finds. Vermont Fiber Designs has some beautiful patterns as does White Lies.

Still with all these helpful sources, I’ve yet to knit anything for myself. I have a couple of UFO’s but I seem to be sticking with smaller Items. After all the baby caps, I’m determined to finish the White Lies Shrug which I started 2 months ago and is just for me.

Gladys in Michigan who is on her 87 gazillionth diet and determined to get into missy instead of plus sizes.

KK, i’m going to make the same tank top for my sister, u r referring to Soliel that u gave Hilde, right? Have u any suggestions? I see that the yarn that was used for the Soliel on Knitty is no longer available & I’ve found other dk wt on (and off Elann), but will probably go for the Elann dk…only thing that bothers me is the crocheting as finishing, got to practice a bit bc i don’t crochet :rollseyes:

I just started a blog for plus size patterns!

Sandy, I posted to you on the new blog. Thanks for putting that one together.

Celine, as you can see, you are SO not alone! I’ve noticed that when someone posts something weight related here on the KH forums, it gets tons of responses. So what does that say? Most of us are “plus” sized, or at least not the model sizes shown in the knitting magazines!

Has anyone seen the plus sized pattern spread in the Knit Simple Fall 2006? I laughed!!! The model is probably a size 12 and about 6 feet tall. And she looks more pregnant than “plus” sized. Come on, show me a real “plus” sized model!!! I want to see a girl of average height, who wears a real plus size model.

I’ve ordered the sweater wizard so that I can just plug in my measurements and design a sweater to fit for me! :cheering: I am sure it will be just as nice as the small girl sizes.

I didn’t lose much weight after my second baby, so I fall into this category, too. Thanks for the links!