OT: Any movie buffs? Looking for film, only know few lines

As in typical me fashion, I have another obscure OT request.

There is a movie I can’t figure out and it’s been driving me INSANE for a week solid. All I can remember is VERY few lines. I am REALLY speculating on the setup for the dialogue, so please don’t take it into too much consideration.

I want to say that there is a hair salon involved and someone is getting their hair done… the other person, who I believe is the star of the film, a man i think, with an accent or faking an accent, is “helping” the person, who I believe to be a woman, with whatever it is, thinking hairstyle/makeover.

They pan in on the 1st hairstyle (I think) and the main man says “Too tiiiiiight” (accent or fake one and I want to say it was like a poodle perm and I’m seeing maybe like a look of distaste and head shaking from the “too tiiiight” person) so whatever happens then they pan in again and the person says "too loooooooose". Something else happens and they pan in and the man says “tooo… VOOFIE!” (something like poofy, but with the accent, sounds like voofie.) this character speaking is either a man, a man in drag, or a woman with a gruff voice… the other person, i have no idea… a woman i think…

That’s it… that’s all I know. Not much to go on, I know, but if anyone has a clue, I would so appreciate it! I’m losing my mind!!!

Thanks!!! :smiley:

omg i have no idea but this post made me LOL! :rofling:

i know, it’s terrible. i really am desperate. i was going to post this last week and i’m like, this is silly, but every day I sit here trying to work and these three lines run through my head and I have asked EVERYONE and googled it to DEATH. <le sigh>

Have you tried “Ask Flick Chick” over at tvguide.com?

I did now! Thanks, Lisa!!! :smiley:

There’s no guarantee you’ll get picked, but it doesn’t hurt to try! :thumbsup:

Mrs. Doubtfire? It sounds like it could be during the make-over part.

maybe! i’ll have to rent it. thanks!

What about Princess Diaries? Paolo the hairstylist is working his magic and says about her eyebrows: “We’ll name this one Frida, and this one Kahlo!”

It sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire.

I was going to say Mrs Doubtfire too. It was Robin Williams’ character in the chair and I want to say his brother (Harvey Weinstein?) doing the hair and someone else who I can’t remember saying the too tight, too loose in the accent.

My first thought was Mrs. Doubtfire, but I really have no idea. :??

I’m thinking that it HAS to be Mrs. Doubtfire. Now i just have to know. Whoever finds out for sure has to let us all know.

Harvey Fierstein has a deep, gravelly voice, but he doesn’t use an accent in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Did you try IMBD?

This is the one Robin Williams comedy i can tollerate and i do believe that Harvey’s character had a boyfriend in the movie that might have had the accent.

(btw…Harvey shopped at my favorite craft store when i lived in CT…there was no mistaking that voice when he came into the store!)

I can never remember his name, but no, there is NO mistaking that voice! :roflhard: