OT - Any ideas on how to drop a stone/14lbs?

I’ve mentioned before that I have my Neurosurgeon appointment on the 29th March, to see if he can operate on my gammy spine. I’ve been googling things again and got myself worried!
I am overweight, have been forever, but since I’ve had to stop all exercise completely I’ve been piling on the pounds, even though I have cut back on a lot of rubbishy foods.
I’ve been googling about anaesthesia and scaring the heck out of myself - with the extra lbs I’ve put on and the lack of exercise, although I’m not in the really bad category, I’m still classed as slightly unsafe to be put under completely. I could do with dropping 2 stone :pout:

Since I have a month until the appointment I figure the sooner I get started the better. I’ve dropped a stone in the first month of a diet before (I know thats not a long term weight loss solution and most of that was water) but the diet I was on didn’t work for me long term.

Has anyone got any ideas on a diet that can be used by vegetarians, that has a noticeable difference to start with but is also sustainable over a long period? I don’t want to get into the Yoyo dieting routine.

When my back is fixed and I can start physio, I have grand plans for getting fit, I have a friend at the Gym itching to do a lifestyle consultation for me but he thinks there is no point until I can exercise again.

I have already started by cutting out crisps, chocolate and chips for Lent.
(Tried to do the 5 C’s and cut out cheese and caffiene too - but I’m only human :teehee:

Any advise will be gratefully received


I lost 65 pounds last year with Weight Watchers. I highly recommend it! Not sure if they have WW in the UK but if they do I would really try it.

Good luck!


We do have WW here, but unfortunately I can’t get to meetings and TBH I can’t really afford to join a group at the moment either. I did Slimming World for years and saw people come and go losing pounds and pounds while I fluctuated within the same stone and paid out hundreds of pounds a year on class fees and new books.

I’ve done a lot of different diets and my metabolism went out of the window for a while with the yoyoing. (I even did cabbage soup - which was great for two weeks, but then on a normal healthy diet the following week I put half the weight back on).

A friend has just told me about a diet she’s doing, but I’m not sure about it’s sustainability and its nutritional value.

She eats:

 Unlimited Veg (minimum 4 different portions per day)
 Unlimited Fruit (minimum 2 different portions per day)
 Brown Rice (Handful of dried rice per day, 4 days per week)
 On None rice days, 1 large potato with peel OR handful wholemeal Pasta
 2xhandful oats OR 2 weetabix OR 2xhandful Bran per day
 Half Ltr skimmed milk
 Unlimited water

She’s allowed to spice it up with any herbs or non fat flavouring’s too.

I might try it - but I’m concerned about the lack of pulses and beans and the like, being veggie I need the extra protein.

Buy the book “I can make you thin” by Paul McKenna. It is a horrible name for a book but - what he says in it is good, and it comes with a CD.

I was recommended that by a friend and I’ve started doing it. It seems to work =D

Really? Is it a motivational thing? I’ve heard of it but so far I’ve been a bit skeptical. Does the CD work before you finish reading the book?

I’ve got the book and cd … it works - it’s common sense really. The cd is good … I start listening and then the next thing I know I’m waking up :teehee:

You can also do WW online - the WW forums are quite good and last time I used it there was a Vegetarian board. (Most of the people on there are friendly and helpful but it is definitely not as friendly as here!!). I’m a proud owner of a Gold Membership card for WW and their diet is all about changing your lifestyle not just your food - it is good.

What has worked best for me is to actually DO what is common sense.

increase fruits and vegetables as much as you can afford! Go whole grains, but go less grains too!

Personally my body works best at loosing weight when I follow a Glycemic Based Diet. The GI Diet books are ones that I have found the simplest to follow. There are no real special foods to follow. The GI talks about sugar replacements, and that really worked for me but for the headaches and increased acne. I never used the egg products recommended.

Other GI diets include, Sugar Busters (came out in the 70’s).

Last but not least… reduce portions…!


First, I apologize because this is a bit long. You hit my button with your question. I think if you have the patience to read through it, you’ll find that my recommendations are pretty practical and doable.

First, I would really recommend the book “The Maker’s Diet.”

This book really explains how eating certain foods affects the different functions in your body. It also recommends an eating plan. I’m not necessarily going to advocate that you follow the eating regime strictly, although I do believe in it. It can get costly and overwhelming, which you don’t want because you need to do something that will change your life permanently, not just for the next month. Just start doing some of the things in stages. The most important part of the book is the explanation of various foods (good and bad) and how they affect your body.

That being said, I don’t believe in “DIETS.” Yes, that’s easy to say given my petite stature, but I think that diets don’t lead to long-term lifestyle changes.

But, for the short-term, here’s what I recommend – and this is without the knowledge of what you regularly eat (and incorporate these changes slowly…give yourself a week between each stage, if need be):

First off, cut out refined sugar. Increase your water intake substantially. You will be amazed at how much weight you will lose by simply doing these two things.

Cut out sodas, sweet tea (use Stevia instead of sugar), fruit juices, and anything with artificial sweeteners. The water will flush out your system.

Try to do some fresh fruit/veggie juicing. You can purchase a fairly inexpensive juicer pretty much anywhere. The nutrients provided by these juices (especially carrot juice) is incredible. Your body can only use about 8oz of juice effectively, so give yourself a couple glasses a day, spaced out at least four hours between each serving.

Increase your green veggie intake. Watch the amounts and types of fruit you eat. Fruit contains A LOT of sugar, but at least it is the natural type.

Cut out products made with white flour. The flour is bleached…BAD, BAD, BAD! Cut out the potatoes (unless they are sweet potatoes) and rice. These pack on the pounds.

Cut your portions as well. Your tummy will growl, but IGNORE this. I firmly believe that eating needs are more psychological than physical. We can do with WAY LESS than we think. I say this having done a 10-day juice fast last summer. After the first couple of days, the hunger pangs went away.

ALSO, start walking, even if only for short durations. This, along with the removal of sugar and increased intake of water will really help you lose the pounds.

I really do think that once you start with the above you’ll see an amazing difference in a very short time.

I’m really proud of you for having the desire to begin. That’s one of the hardest parts.

Good luck!!! :hug:

Thanks for all your advise guys - I think the main key for me is cutting down on refined carbohydrates and sugars, and reducing portion sizes - although I’ve already done that. I’ve started using a smaller plate than DH so it doesn’t look like a smaller meal.

I can’t exercise yet - I’m not really supposed to walk too much at the moment as the sensation in my legs often disappears completely and I end up on my backside :oops: That could send my spine out quite easily apparently, so I’m just doing stretches that I can do sat/lay down.

I appreciate the advice you’ve given. I’m gonna get that Paul McKenna book too, as soon as I find it cheap enough (I never pay full price for books) :teehee:

I’m gonna get a food tolerance test too.

One more question - has anyone ever used those Chinese Herbal weight loss teas? If so - how did that help?


You should be able to lose 15-20 in five weeks. I did. I love the program.

Did you talk about this with your doctor? I think it’s important you do. Being careful about what you eat is for sure excellent and won’t harm you, but make sure you are healthy before your appointment, whether you lose weight or not. To lose some weight without exercising in a short amount of time is really difficult, and you would need to cut down on a lot of food to be able to do this. Would having anesthesia when not feeling at your best really be better? I think only your doctor and you can answer that question by looking at the whole picture.

It seems you are doing all the right things, keep at it! I would just be careful about overdoing it. Well, at least this is my opinion. :oops:

That site is about a “professional Pre-Insurance examination provider.” I think you may have meant to link here.

I can’t work out if they ship to the UK :shrug:
An old boss was doing one of these type of plans once where she was sent milkshakes and food bars, and she only managed to maintain her weight because she gave up and had a takeaway every week.

Also, its a bit above my budget - a 4 week plan costs 4 times more for just me than I currently spend on the two of us in a month.

Thanks for the tip though - It’s something I’d consider using in the future if I can’t do it another way.

Did you see this when it was on? Have a read :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking. :wink: It seems like it’d be more prudent to concentrate on being healthy rather than losing weight.

Low-carbing is the way to go! I’ve dieted like most people, most of my adult life, just to lose another 10 or 40 :slight_smile: lbs. NOTHING I ever tried worked like the Atkins diet to A) Lose weight fast B) while not being hungry, which is the BIG key to not cheating. I often have to remind myself to eat! Good ludk!

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Wink It seems like it’d be more prudent to concentrate on being healthy rather than losing weight.

My thoughts exactly, Jane!

i’m not a vegitarian, but i do know the basics of a healthy diet. the advice given so far has been spot on. make sure your diet is about 40% protien. soy / tofu is an excellent source. so are some beans. I think reds are the lowest as far as glycimic index (sugar), make sure any breads or pasta you eat is high protien low carbs (barilla brand makes a very good one in different types of noodles). nake sure loots of variety in veggies/fruit. make it colorful (dark green vegs are awesome). take a multi-vitamine if you aren’t already. this helps your energy levels and can help fill in the gaps from your diet. as for the diet teas, i would not recomend them. i have tried them and they seem to just make you go… :pout: not a healthy solution. more then 5 lbs or so a week is not healthy loss. gradual is key
:heart: good luck!

In the past couple of months I’ve lost about 20 lbs, very simply.

I made sure to eat breakfast. I had a snack (healthy) in between breakfast an lunch, and in between lunch and dinner.

When eating lunch and dinner I would get the food into my mouth, and put the fork down. Then when I was done with that fork/spoon full, I picked it back up again and so forth. I also payed VERY close attention to when I was feeling full. I stopped eating, no matter how good the food, and saved the leftovers.

I made sure that when I felt hungry I got myself a little snack, raisens, an apple, something like that.

I didn’t change my behavior or lifestyle other that that, and I dropped 20 pounds.