OT: Any "Heroes" fans out there? POSSIBLE SPOILE

I told dh we had threads on Grey’s Anatomy and Lost on the forum and he was mortified that we didn’t have one going about Heroes…

So I’m starting one…any fans out there??

OMG! I love the show!!! :happydance: The hour it is on flies by so fast!

Yup!! I :heart: Heroes!!

me too :teehee: I like heroes

I have not missed an episode. That’s the one show me and my daughter watch together.

:waving: Another Hero’s fan here, the show is addicting for me…oh heck who am I kidding! I am a solid of Heros, LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS…the list goes on!

My DH and I are obsessed with Heroes! We get so upset because it seems like there is more commercials than show, and then the hour is over with before we know it! :teehee:

Our family eagerly sits down each Monday night to watch this show. We are HOOKED!

My sister got me hooked – she raved and raved about it so I watched the first 11 episodes on the Internet over the holidays. The only thing that surprised me was how gory/violent it is…I’m surprised that they can show some of the stuff on prime time TV. :shock:

I :heart: it though – very cool premise, and I love it when new heroes are introduced, like the invisible guy. He cracked me up. :roflhard:

I agree about the gory stuff…like the lady this past episode that was the mechanic…I was suprised they gave a glimpse of what Syler did to her–that was yucky!

dh and I watch the show each week. I think some of the things that happen are predictable (like the identity of Claire’s father or that Isaac would accidently shoot Simone).

I’m getting a little tired of them introducing new characters just so Sylar can kill them. I really liked Charlie. :frowning:

does anyone know when the season finale will be on?
My DH wants to know ([size=2]I don’t watch the show…[/size] [size=1]don’t kill me… [/size]:hiding: )

I watch Heroes too. Mondays night are written off to the “set” … with Heroes and 24 :happydance:

Yeah. Heroes is great! It is the the show that LOST used to be…

Did anyone see the extended preview for next week’s show? I caught it last night. It looks REALLY good!

Too bad they come on at the same time! We have to record the other show then watch it right after. Kids get to stay up late on Mondays. :wink:

I don’t get it. I watched a few episodes and really didn’t like it. I thought it was really…
Please don’t kill me!

How dare you!! Are you crazy?!?!

Actually, I’ll forgive you because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to knit socks. :roflhard:

I love the show but understand that not everybody likes the same thing. My mom loves Grey’s Anatomy and was watching it last night. I had to leave the room cause it was sooooo lame and boring. Desperate Housewives is another one I don’t get.

I love Heroes, and Hiro!!! My neighbors and a few friends have Heroes parties every Monday. Wednesday is Jericho/Lost parties!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

We watch Heros every week. But I think it’s about time they tell us who Claire’s dad really is. Maybe we’ll find out Monday. And I’m tired of Sylar killing everyone. Time for him to go!


They did tell us who Claire’s dad really is. Are you in the USA? I know sometimes in different countries t.v. shows are not on the same schedule as they are in the States.