OT-Any Elementary School Teachers here?

HI…Need some Math worksheets (specifically Vin Diagram, Clocks and money (add and subtraction) for my second grader…I am sitting here “making” my own vins using a spool of thread!!! I Need a good site to print out some sheets…All of the “sites” I have been too sends a “warning” possible threat to my computer…:doh: :tap: Thanks in advance:hug:

Here is the site that my grandson uses, he is in 4th grade but I think it has things for all grades:http://www.mathsisfun.com/ I hope this helps.

Finally some one answered me:hug: Thanks

Here is one for the VIn diagrams:www.enchantedlearning.com/graphicorganizers/math/venn/

Thanks again, but I think you need to be “member” for this one? I guess I should of wrote “free” sites…:hug:

I just googled the phrase vin diagrams and that one came up, try google agiain , there were several links there I didn’t check out

Is it Vin or Venn? Might make a difference.

Try this www.[B]education.com[/B]/worksheets/[B]second[/B]-[B]grade[/B]/[B]math[/B]

It has a place on the right hand side to click for math pages, then when you get there, there is a drop down menu for types of math. Use the one that says “probabilities and xxxxx”. There was one page of learning how to read a Venn diagram and another showing how to make one.

Good luck!!!

www.math-drills.com is my FAVORITE site, and best of all it is FREE!