OT: Any baby-wearers out there?

I have two baby slings. One from http://www.mammasmilk.com and a ring sling that I made myself from instructions that are supposed to mimic the mayawrap http://www.mayawrap.com. I’m really having a hard time figuring out the ring sling but I REALLY want to learn how…

anyone out there that has done this before???

hi cristy:

I have used a ring sling very successfully, and the only piece of advice i would give you is to have an extra set of hands when you are trying to figure everything out and once babe is in the sling, start moving immediately, because some babies fuss when they are first in the sling, and parents fret that the babe doesnt like ti and the thing is that babe needs to be moving to adjust.

Anyway, one site i would recommend is this one, it seems to have definite step by step instructions with pics. Also in the same site there is this one. The ones I used the most with my charge at 4-10mos was the hip straddle and if she was asleep i would change her position to the snuggle hold and she would sleep better and be more content.

Let me know how it goes!

edited to add: instead of having the padded end resting in between my shoulder and my neck i would recommend putting the padded end on the shoulder(cupping it) and have th rest of the fabric spread very wide extending to my neck and halfway down my arm (make sure to put is on your non dominant arm so that you can support and comfort as needed).
If you need any more advice or pics, I am sure I can borrow someones baby for a few moments or use a doll.

Cristy -

Is there a La Leche League chapter in your area? Sometimes those mamas have tons of expertise in baby wearing. I have used the sling and the Japanese style wraps and was basically happy with both. Sometimes it helps to have someone right there showing you.

Can you specify what problem you’re having with the ring sling?

I have a ring sling, a ‘hotsling’ www.hotslings.com and a kelty front carrier.

I had great success with them all and for hiking/long trips I used the Kelty as it had more support and some pockets for a diaper etc.

around town, at the mall, at the market, drug store, in my house or for walks in my neighborhood I used the ring sling and use the Askdrsears site that was already posted. With Marie-France as a newborn I would swaddle her and lay her down in the ring sling and she was sooo happy in there. Then as she got bigger I used the hip straddle or the snuggle hold if she was sleeping.

Good luck!!!

Links to sling sites

i have the sling without the ring… i haven’t worn my baby or a minute… the little bogger is 7 months and 19lbs! and he won’t hold on when i hold him so i have to do all the work which just feels like i’m preggers again :pout: so i don’t wear him. good luck withit though!

I used a Maya Wrap for my son and Daughter. My son loved it, I used it till he was about 2 years old, off and on, mostly just during his first year though. My daughter was different. She liked it during the first couple months, but then she wanted more space, and just to be on the floor and play. My sister has it now, for her brand new baby boy!

That’s really good advice, and just what I did. I made sure to put the padded part on my shoulder, which distributed the weight of my son. Spreading out the fabric across your shoulder and arm really does help.
Yes, it does feel a little like you’re pregnant again, but it was so worth it for my son, he really needed that extra cuddle time and it meant that I could give him the attention he needed and still get the dinner and laundry done.

I have seen the ring slings, but didn’t buy one as I didn’t like the look of it. I have the “regular” sling by a local NZ company called “Nature’s Sway”. They also do the baby hammocks. Here is a link with photos: Nature’s Sway NZ

I have never used the sling yet as baby isn’t due until next month. And before that, I used a front pack. The above site has photos of the different ways baby can be carried.