OT: Another pet trouble - need advice

I can see that pets were really active in this forum this weekend :roflhard:
I’m in trouble with my pets. We have an elderly cat (she’s about 10-11) called Kys and a dog - almost 2-year old husky-shepherd mix named Tyra. About a month ago we brought home a little kitty (Mason) and since then it began!!! The older cat refusing to do the peeing in the litter box (because the little invader is using it too) and when i open the balcony door (which i must do at 37C degrees :eyebrow: ) she uses my geranium as litter box :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:
I tried to supervise, but the moment i turn around there she goes again. When i keep it closed - she sitting next to the door yelling and driving me MAD… I’m afraid that she’ll get bladder problems, but on the other hand having my balcony and flowers smelling like public WC is not really nice. and besides, it’s a matter of principle here…

Does any of you pet owners have any idea that could help?
Oh, and i can’t have 2 litter boxes (lack of space and the little one will use them both anyway)

Thank you…

I’m sorry about the problems :frowning:

They have always adviced me to have as many litter boxes as I have cats, and it worked for me.
When I brought home cat no. 3 (which is a stray I took in) I didn’t immediately have an extra litterbox and one of them, I think the latest addition, peed on my bedroom floor all the time. But once I had another litterbox AND had all 3 of them cleaned out properly, the problem disappeared.

Maybe you could keep the kitten in a seperate room or in a bench for a couple of days untill they have gotten more used to eachothers smell, then start to feed them, each on their own side of the door/benchwall to make them realise that they both will still be fed and then take it from there.

I’m sure that if you’ll do a search on google, you’ll find lots of other advice on how to introduce a new cat into your existing family.

And: my vet told me when I was getting worried about the cats never learning to get alone that it could take up to 2 to 3 months before they’ll tolerate one another and I think it’s true: mine still don’t love eachother and they’ll never sleep all bunched up together but they can co exist in the house just fine, eat their meals right next to eachother and they’ll all share my lap or the sofa with me without too much trouble.
So please be patient for a while longer; this will take a little time.

I know this isn’t an immediate solution for you but I hope you’ll hang in there :hug:

I agree with the extra litter pans, it’s the only way I can think of to help your little guy. I know space is an issue, but it’s not like the litter pans are really that big. :?? We have the x-large pans and they really don’t take up that much room…

Sounds like a tough problem. Cats like to use flower beds or pots because of the loose soil. My cat loves to use my garden beds in the spring after I’ve turned the soil for planting. We put a litter box outside for her because supposedly cats prefer litter to dirt. Perhaps you can put a litter box outside.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I was going to suggest putting the box outside, too. Or maybe temporarily put a box up higher than the kitten can reach so only the senior cat can use it. Some cats are very particular about their litter boxes. :shrug:

I have one word of advice: FELIWAY!!!

There is a product called Comfort Zone with Feliway that you can use. It is specifically designed for situations where cats are peeing inappropriately due to stress and aggression. It is a pheromone that is soothing to cats. There is a spray and a plug in but I would strongly recommend the plug in. It is sold by veterinarians and you can also usually find it in pet stores like Petsmart.

It may sound kooky but it really works. I have one cat who is a loner. He does not like other cats very much and twice when we have gotten a new kitten he has started peeing out of the litterbox. He loves to pee on DH’s shoes! Anyway, the Feliway makes a big difference. It lasts for a month and I could always tell when it needed to be refilled by his behavior.

The amount of time that it can take a cat to adjust to a new cat can vary tremendously depending on the cats involved. With the first kitten it took him about 4 or 5 months to adjust. The second kitten was feistier and more aggressive and it took more like 6 months for him to adjust.

I think putting a litter box on the patio is a good idea since he wants to go there anyway or maybe the puppy Pee-Pee pads ( plastic backing and cloth covered) put it by his favorite spot by the plant ( throw a litle soil on it for good measure) :shrug:

Darn cats and their p eeing problems~!! :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

PS:CUTE PHOTO~! :heart: :heart: :heart:

These are also my suggestions. One other thing I always noticed was that boy cats have a much stronger odor so it could be that that is turning your girl off about the litter box. I’ve got two girls and a boy and man! Newman’s pee really smells! UGH!

Older cats are also very very particular. Think about how she’s had everything to herself for 10+ years and now some little twerp comes along and horns in on her territory. Girls, no matter what the breed, can be very very vindictive. :teehee:

Good luck!

To protect your plants, you might want to put a layer of marbles on the top of the soil. Your cat shouldn’t want to use the plants then.

I second the Feliway. That stuff has helped keep our herd (8 cats) in check.

If you can’t get another box, make sure you scoop it as frequently as possible–particularly after the little one has used it. They make a litter in the US called “Cat Attract” which is supposedly specially designed by a feline veterinarian to, well, attract cats to the litterbox. It’s pricey, but you can get it on Amazon if you can’t find it elsewhere. We’ve got a bag but haven’t tried it yet. (We had litterbox issues with one of them in the condo, but she’s been fine since we moved. We still want to try it out, though.)

Hopefully they’ll get along soon. It tends to be easier if the new one’s the opposite sex. My girl always has issues with new girl kitties.

Good luck!

Thank you all for the advice :hug:
Our litter box is huge and has a special top so two cats can use it without intimidating each other. I guess now i found out it doesn’t work :pout:
I think i’ll try putting an extra litter box for the older cat outside on the balcony. I hope that will keep her away from my flowers :shrug:

Thanks again :muah:

As was mentioned before, multiple cats need multiple litter boxes. My two cats barely get along (we think they only survive because the nice one is HUGE and the mean one is tiny, so they don’t kill each other), but they still use separate little boxes, even though they are right next to each other.

The thing is i saw my mom’s cats use the same litter box no problem at all… So i thought it could work with mine too… :shrug:

They still may start doing that later on, but it sounds to me that right now they are still trying to get used to one another.
And well, I’ve never met more individual animals than cats :slight_smile: I have 3, my boyfriend has 2 and I don’t think there is 1 thing that they all like or do the same, except maybe the fact that they love to eat and be cuddled! But even then, what they want to eat and the way they like to be cuddled, differs between all 5 of them :slight_smile:

I hope with having a litterbox for the older cat outside, you’ll be able to eliminate the problem :hug:

I second (third? fourth? etc?) the second litterbox idea. Put one outside and put some aluminum over the geranium soil - that’ll keep your cat from digging in it.

Also, make sure to give your senior kitty lots of extra attention. Cats can get really jealous!

I’ve been through this. Absolutelh, 2 cats 2 litter boxes. I also suggst the Feliway. I use it and it helps. Also put one on your patio and one anywhere else she pees out of the box. And spend alot of extra and special time with your original cat. Hope this helps.

Poor Kys

First, she had to get used to your dog and seems to have settled okay with that - but another cat invading her space is just a different ballgame altogether.

It’s not just the litter tray, although, of course, that’s the main problem - the little kitty has scent-marked all over the place, so that Kys is compelled to establish another territory.

If the balcony has to pong for a bit - too bad, your cat needs space and peace and quiet.


Sorry to sound so bossy but Kys, as you said, could end up with bladder problems - the least of which would be feline cystitis.

All the best

Thanks Limey! No offence taken :muah:! In the meantime we actually moved to another place with no balcony, but one more bedroom, so now the cats are marking new territories. Mason (the younger one) is actually getting a few good ones from Kys for invading “her” bedroom :rofling:. The good thing is - we’re getting him neutered (that’s the word?) tomorrow, so his scent will get weaker and less aggressive too and i hope he will get a bit…mmm…relaxed? On the positive tone - when i got my parents a new kitty, the older cat hated her. Now, 3.5 years later - he’s her slave :roflhard:… At least Mason can take out his energies on our Tyra (husky-shepherd)… And the cats use one litter box with no problem at all… So that problem solved :slight_smile: