OT: Annoying Commercial Jingles

A co-worker and myself have been having a battle of annoying commercial jingles. It started last week when she told me she had the new Burger King commercial stuck in her head, to which I replied that that commercial made the Filet of Fish commercial seem great by comparisin! Since that day, we have been putting annoying commercial jingles in emails and voicemails. (1-877 cars for kids, Daycation, Chili’s Baby back ribs)

What is YOUR most annoying jingle?

I can’t think of a jingle that currently irritates me, but for some reason, the adult pertussis vaccine ad drives me crazy. I hate the way the lady talks, the creepy wheezing/coughing segments and I dunno…the whole thing makes me grit.my.teeth.

The most annoying commercials to me all involve hearing people chew (which is my biggest pet peeve… I’ll literally excuse myself from the room sometimes).

So I guess the twix commercial where they’re trying to integrate biting of the candy bar into a ‘song’ is the most annoying one I can think of at the moment! :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not technically a jingle, but the commercial for that Head On migraine product is pretty brutal! “Head On, apply directly to your forehead!” repeated continuously throughout the whole ad … seriously, who came up with that idea? :rofl:

Also, any commercial featuring Billy Mays (I realize he is no longer with us, and mean no disrespect) is pretty annoying … why is he yelling at me through the tv screen?? It hasn’t made me want to buy a single one of his products!

There was a lady that I knew that saw that commercial and had no idea what it was for. She asked the people in the room and they didn’t know. They went around asking people if they knew what it was and nobody knew. The first commercials never said what it was for. If you assumed headache, you were right, but it could be for anything really- allergies, brain power, wrinkles…Same thing with Airborne. I thought it was a medication for flight sickness. I could never figure out why it was such a big deal that it was developed by a teacher though. (I think these have the same advertising company behind them.) Maybe they want you to talk about the stuff and make it popular that way, but it’s just weird!

As for me, I hate the Sonic guys. The ones that go around and make fun of each other and the other fast food places while they eat Sonic. Now it’s the REAL ice cream tagline. How annoying! Sonic needs to go back to the girls in roller-skates hawking their stuff!

It is times like this that I am glad I don’t have cable!

There used to be a local futon store that had a commercial with two women singing the words Chimney Hill over and over again. The store closed several years ago and I can still hear their screeching.

Step in Time chimney sweep commercials get stuck in my head for days. In fact just thinking about I am sure to be singing it for days now!:teehee:

Bingo! I hate that head on commercial and can’t stand Billy Mays screaming. His voice is just grating!

Can’t think of any offhand, but I know there’s a few newer ones that are annoying… :think:

The commercials I have always HATED are the ones for medicine!!! ANY medicine!!! I mean, if I have that particular problem, I’ll talk to my own Dr about it, thank you very much. Just because you have a commercial about it is NOT going to make me run out and buy it.

Oh to go back to the “good old days” when all there was were commercials about REAL PRODUCTS that you could buy in a grocery store. NOT ones about medicine, mesothelioma, credit ratings, etc…


I have always wondered about that…“ask your doctor”…but why…don’t you think if they thought it was right for you, they would prescribe that?

My doctor put me through 3 different birth control pills before settling on one that she thought was right for me. I wasn’t just going to go marching in there and say “I want Alyess because it says so in the commercial”…I didn’t ask, and it was one she swapped out for me, but what is up with that anyway?

That and the long list of side effects that would probably make you wish you just had the aliment to begin with…sigh

I have just 4 words to say about this… Tee Eye Vee Oh! Thank goodness for TIVO! I cannot tolerate any birth control ads, lawyer ads, infomercial ads with the yelling guy, and the beer ads that make it seem like if you drink that brand, you’ll attract all kinds of gorgeous women. Yeah right, like that’s what I look for in a man!

Hmm, I guess none of this refers to jingles, and I said more than 4 words! Interesting thread though!


Commercials…I hate just about all of them!!! Most are so insulting to my/your intelligence that it infuriates me! I really can’t stand ambulance-chasing lawyers who now advertise on TV and radio. That was unheard of at one time. Flo of the Progressive commercials gets under my skin, also. Like I said…I hate just about all commercials. But, it’s free speech and I’m all for that. Just not so much on TV. Actually, TV pretty much sucks nowadays. We just got Dish TV and have so many channels, but usually can’t find a thing to watch. I’d much rather have on some nice music and a good glass of wine and talk to my husband. But…he now has all kinds of sports channels, so he’s in heaven.

He is clear in what He asks and clear in what He offers. The choice is

THANK YOU Crycket!!!

I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels the way I do!!!


That McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish jingle is the worst offender for me! It just gets stuck in my head and makes me want to scream.

I’m with you on the prescription medication commercials. I agree that if you’re having a problem you should just go to the doctor. However, having said that, I think that sometimes such commercials may be doing a service for an individual. Perhaps someone doesn’t realize that they are clinically depressed (they are usually the last to know) and seeing the commercial might make them realize that there is help out there. They could ask their doctor about a certain medication in an ad that they saw and it will at least open up the conversation about their depression with the doctor.

I do love making fun of those commericals though. Especially Cialis -because you get free bathtubs with each purchase, placed anywhere outside that you want! Awesome!

I was just going to comment about that. What is with the bathtubs outside in the open? I don’t get it at all.

On the flip side, I love the new Orkin ads, with the anthropomorphized ants/termites etc. They’re hilarious! "Are we…dipping skinny?"

They are creepy. TV repairman here. I wouldn’t let that monster bug in my house. Oh, and the one of him spying outside the house and driving off in the car. Eeeewe.

Awww…no lulz for you? :frowning:

As far as I’m concerned THEY ALL STINK!!! And they show one right after another especially in prime time. I watch Fox News and the Weather Channel to get away from them sometimes LOL!!