OT--Animal Moving Help?!

My son and his family are moving from Alabama to western Virginia–and because they have a 2 year old, they are going to have to spend the night on the road, which will preclude the taking of their 3 dogs–a black Lab, a goofy Dalmation and a sweet, but smelly “Hushpuppy”!

Son says he may have to board them at the vets, and go back (10 hours_) for them the weekend after they finally get moved in, buy carriers for them and load them into the Sportrac and drive the 10+ hours to get them to the new house. Which by the way, has no fence yet, and they’re used to being in a large fenced in yard. He says that you can FLY animals (at what cost, I don’t know), but he’ll live 55 miles from an airport when he moves…I just wondered if anyone had any idea about any other way???

Thanks ! :blush: :thinking:

Personally, I’d do some online research to see if there’s any places along the way that would allow them to have the animals with them. Another option is to look into seeing if there is a place where they can board the dogs overnight in the same city where they are staying the night.

Thanks, Nic!! I think one of the problems is that the Sportrac is good for carrying things covered, but the dogs couldn’t stay in the truck bosy (I don’t think), and they wouldn’t have room for the big carriers in the cab part either–they have a huge carseat, and a mother-in-law (YIKES!) to carry with them too!

Wonder if they could rent a trailer to pull them in?? And maybe a vet would board them in the city they stay in…that’s a good idea!! :thumbsup:

I would suggest definatley NOT flying the animals! There is too much risk involved! There are many hotels now that allow pets - because people are taking their pets on vacation now. That might not work though since there is so much to go in the car! Going back for them later might be the best idea (though no fun!).

With all that expense, I’d hire a friend to drive along with them, IN the cars…and find a vet where you (they) are staying over night. Is it a 10 hour drive? That can be done in one day. We do it all the time going from Baltimore to Detroit.

**edit…we’ve travled with infants to Michigan before!!! so it CAN be done…we left at like 3 am or so, stopped for breakfast, and by lunch time we were there in time for nap. :slight_smile:

all that money saved, they can get a fence!!! :slight_smile:

Flying an animal is way too costly. I priced it for a trip before and for one dog it was over $700.

My SIL and her ex were “collectors”. You know, those people who take in strays. They lived in San Jose, CA with 17 (count’em) cats and three dogs when her ex took a job in the Minneapolis area. In order to move, they rented a very large RV and had a kennel/carrier for each of the cats. I think the dogs just traveled “loose.” They drove straight through (no overnight stops obviously) with stops for the dogs. The cats were exercised periodically through the trip.

No sure this helps, but an RV or some sort of trailer thingy might be the answer.

I agree with the trailer idea. They should look into renting an animal class trailer(stock trailer). Put the dogs in kennels in the trailer and take them with. It would be easier. Most hotels let you have pets now, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, with a stock trailer, they could let the dogs out for a walk and then leave them in the trailer overnight if they couldn’t find a hotel that would let them have the dogs inside. Other than that, I liked your son’s original idea of boarding them at the vets and going back for them later.

Flying is out of the question. Not only is it very pricey, dogs have been known to die up in the air. And the airlines aren’t liable for it if they die.

All sounds good to me!! But David is almost 2 and staying in the carseat for very long periods of time makes for a very unhappy boy!! (Which makes for unhappy OTHER folks in there too)!! I’m wondering if they might be able to impose upon a friend to take them!! THAT would be a good thing!! Wish the movers would just put them in the moving van and take 'em on!!

I had no idea that flying animals was so costly–but I knew it could be dangerous!!

I had to take a trip 2 years ago with my 2 little ones. Alex was just over 2, and Lissa was about 6 months {and nursed!!!}. It was about a 20 hour trip and I had to do it on my own. Thankfully all that highway driving made for a lot of sleeping going on with the two of them. Most of the trouble I had was on the way back, because we’d only stayed in Edmonton for about 2 days… Alex wasn’t ready for another marathon drive.

When we moved out east from WI, my hubby rented a minivan (we had 2 dogs and 2 cats). We just put them all in there and he drove the moving truck with the car attached to it and I drove with my children. I had to drug our shepherd since it was his first time moving. Poor guy, it took 4 to 6 benedryl to remotely knock him out enough to get him to stop pacing. He didn’t lay down once from Milwaukee till we made it to somewhere in Indiana. 3 hours!! Then I gave him a few more pills the next morning and he did great. (The vet okay’d that by the way)

It was a rough trip but we made it. And it took a lot longer than I would have liked, (I HATE driving anywhere long distances) Yuck. But I survived!!

Thanks you good folks–I’m going to send this thread to my son and let him think about it–he’s got to move the 25th, I think. THey only got 1 of these–the Lab–from a pet store–the other 2 , he took in cause they weren’t wanted any longer!! They also have 2 cats!! Their beagle died just a year ago–I think everytime my son wanted to have children and his wife didn’t yet–he went out and got another animal!!lol! No-he’s like me–a sucker for animals!! :lol: :lol: :lol: