OT: And now for something you'll REALLY like

Just a little something to get your foot tapping and your brain going, “Huh?”


Very cool! All I could think of was how sticky they must be by the end. :rofling:

I was thinking about the stickiness, too! Yuck! But very cool! :smiley:

That was SO cool, and definitely foot tapping music! :rofling:

Suddenly I’m thirsty. :frowning:

I admire these people more than you can ever know…

I also feel as if I am not wasting as much of my time as I thought. :lol:

I was kind of in awe of them, too, Sara! :roflhard: I’m really kind of glad we didn’t have any Menthos in the house, 'cause we’ve got the Diet Coke. :lol:

I think you should buy some Menthos and let the kids do a science experiment. The explanation was very interesting.

Wow! thanks for that. I gotta show my boyfriend!

I think we will, Ingrid. Both kids saw (and LOVED) the video — I was just thinking that it would be really easy for us to get carried away and orchestrate our own “symphony” in the back yard. :lol: It is the beginning of summer, after all.

I wish the video would play for me but for some reason it wont?

It took a bit of time to load.

gonna try it again here from work. Sometimes at home things just refuse to play and I can’t work out why. I have all the latest codecs and stuff installed… oh well!

Ok now THAT was awesome! So cool!

pretty cool my son would love that… I kept thinking of the stickiness too :rofling:

It’s diet soda … I wonder if it would really be all that sticky? :??

Glad you got to see it, Mulene! :smiley:

Ohh I have to try that!!! :rofling: