OT- an internet knitters rant

I joined this group . Yesterday I had no problems getting on there .Now it is blocked ! I don’t know if it is just my computer or what . (There are no parental blocks on my computer . )
Plus , what’s really wierd is when I click on the link to fill out a form to request it to be unblocked , it is all in aribic and you have to click it to change to english . It seems so fishy . :??

Here is the link to the group …http://www.sexyknittersclub.com/

If someone here could try it , see if they get the same thing , this way I know it’s not just me .
And whatever you do don’t fill out their form, I’m not , it is too suspicious . I’m really aggervated over this :grrr:
I could see if this went to a porn site but it’s just a group for knitters who like to knit up sexy items . :grrr:

Also I don’t have a virus or spyware in my computer . This I know for sure cause I take care of my computer . Been through a full recovery before cause of those nasty internet parasites . Learned my lesson, Not fun :wall:

It just looks like a blog to me and here is a section where it says to email them to join. I don’t see any forms.

So, in order to blog here, you will need to become a member. In order to become a member all you need to do is to email us. We will email you with your blog invitation as soon as possible, but please understand that it may not be immediately, as we have day jobs too :wink: Have questions? Let us know.


It must be my computer …I keep getting this .

Please, fill out the form below if you believe the requested page should not be blocked:
Form for URL unblocking request
Please, send other sites you feel should be blocked using the following form:
Blocking Request Form

This page was generated by cache3.jed.isu.net.sa on Thu, 14 Dec 2006 20:23:17 GMT


The picture below is the aribic type thats on this site .

I’m not sure what to do …is there somewhere I can report this to …I am starting to feel paranoid…what if someone has hacked into my computer and is playing games with me .
:verysad: This stinks!

Run a virus scan as well as something like Ad-Aware just to make sure.

I don’t even see where I could click on a link to get a form. It says something about joining, but it says to email her. I’ll PM you her email addy.

Hi there…it almost sounds like you have a program on your computer designed to hide your IP address. Do you remember installing anything like that?

My husband is a computer technician, so we always have new programs on our computer…and most of the time, I have no idea what they are. The other day, I tried to access a birth website, and got an error page saying the website is blocked in Saudi Arabia (and had weird Saudi Arabian text stuff similar to yours). Sure enough, the husband had just recently installed an IP address hider which was showing our computer being registered in Saudi Arabia, therefore anything that was blocked there was blocked on my computer! :wall: He changed it to Canada and all was well. :rofl:

You don’t happen to have a computer nerd for a hubby, too, do ya? :teehee:

OMG ! lol…I just emailed them a not so nice email to unlist me from thier feature …lol :oops: :roflhard:
I did download an ip hider but this morning I uninstalled it and deleted it from my computer . It was making my computer run slow . :doh:
My hubby isn’t a computer nerd . I somewhat am .


I figured it out …I’m so smart :teehee:

All I had to do was go into the internet tools and click on my connections/lan settings /automatic … :cheering:

Thanks for reading my ridiculous rant and trying to help me :smiley:

Now hopefully I don’t tick whoever reads that email I sent or throughally confuse him/her . :teehee:

hi Guin, I dont know what is happening with your computer, but I was able to access the site just fine and nothing came up about anything being blocked. that message in arabic says that you are not authorized to enter that site but i dont believe its for sexyknitterclub. Recheck your computer and try deleted cookies and all that stuff. good luck