OT - American Idol

Hi all,

Just watched the show a little later than in the US - the advantage is no commercials.

Anyway, aren’t the girls much better than the boys this season?

And how do you guys watch it with a commercial break after almost every song? You probably get a lot of knitting done, right? :x:


:rofl: I tivo it and wait the first hour out or so… then I watch it so I can fwd… they have way to many commercials…

I like 2 of the girls and about 3 of the boys… so I’m kinda split right now… will be glad when we are down to the top 12… :happydance:

I like a couple of the guys and a few of the girls.

I also record it because the family usually watches something else at that time. I love ff’ing through commercials (and the goodbye singing of the kicked-off contestants).

:rofl: last night we fwd the whole thing only stopped when we seen one start singing to make sure then went on :teehee:

I like Chris Sligh. I sorta like Blake and Sundance.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally want Melinda to win.

why haven’t Antonella’s offscreen antics gotten her kicked off the show?

edit: because I seem to really like overusing the word ‘haven’t’

Jodi - Melinda is my favorite as well.

Did anybody else notice Kelly Pickler’s new “enhancements” - well they were kind of hard not to notice.

I thought KP had “enhancements” but my dh thought she was that way before. :shrug: what do I know ----but maybe the ? should be what does dh know? :teehee:

And I do think the girls are kicking butt more than the boys so far.

I agree with everyone, I want Doolot to win (that’s what I call Melinda. Since her last name is “Doolittle” but she sings really well, so I call her Doolot :teehee: )

I think that is my pick too unless Blake isn’t the beat boxer :teehee: I haven’t learned their names yet… I like Melinda and Latisha? is that her name :??

I heard they were investigating it and that some maybe fake… :shrug:

My dh didn’t even hear KP’s song lol he was to busy looking… I thought she had them before too but he disagreed :rofl:

Regardless of KP’s new “look,” I think she looked fabulous. She looked so much more polished and confident. She reminded me of Lori Morgan or Clint Black’s wife – just the way she looked. She also sounded really great. I :heart: LOVED :heart: the song!

I don’t think they are necessarily “enhanced”, because she looked a lot curvier all over, if you know what I mean. But I do think that Ryan was hinting at them when he asked if she had bought anything else besides shoes. :teehee:

So far, I don’t really care who wins because I don’t have a favorite yet, I just want that bleep Antonella gone because she sucks really, really badly. Too many teenage boys are voting. :doh:

Yep… I had heard her sing that on The View when she was a co-host… it was hard to watch she kept crying which made me cry… its a very good song…

Silver, I agree she needs to go because she isn’t very good… and the guy who sang Steppin’ out with my baby… I thought for sure he was going home…

Is Melinda Dolittle the one Simon says is so humble? I like the sweet, unaffected, humble girl the best.

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Yes. She used to be a backup singer. I think she is soooooo adorable and refreshing! She has definitely done her homework!

:heart: :heart: LOVE her voice!!

yeah I’m pretty sure Pickler has store-boughts. 'cuz they looked like they were placed a teeny tiny tad too high on her chest. they look good on her tho! :cheering:

and looks like Silver said, she gained a litle bit o womanly curvature on the lower part too.

she looks more mature now… go girl! :cheering:

She probably just had them done. Especially with her getting ready to go on tour with Brad Paisley. They tend to sit higher right after surgery. Plus, the dress she was wearing probably kept them up pretty good too.

Either that or she found a REALLY good Wonderbra.


This is turning out real gossipy!

Anyway, I thought KP looked awful! Old, fat, too much make up, false chest and too tanned. Or was that false too? She couldn’t have chose a less complimenting dress: it made her behind and hips stand out too much and what with the “enhanced” well, talk about bad proportion!

Wait! I’ll be sending a picture of my body soon - when I get rich. By that time I’d have had all my unwanted excess flab taken out, nothing put in.


i think the girls win the men over this year but they are getting rid of good singers. how is that sanja still there, and that girl who sang celine dion song. she was way off key. i’m not sure i am going to watch more. its just to blah this year for some reason. maggie :shrug:

I LOVED KPs dress, wish I looked like that in anything… but I HATE her haircut. Makes her look OLD. I dont remember what her old boobs looked like… I cant tell if they’re enhanced. :shrug: