OT-American Idol

Okay, who watches and what were your reactions to last night??? :shock: :shock: :shock: I wanted to post right away, but realized with the time difference, I did not want to ruin the show for the time zones behind me.

Ooooh Chris… :crying: :crying: :crying:

Okay, he was a great performer, good looking, worked the camera, COULD SING - a great rocker! I can’t believe he is gone. :crying:

I thought Kat was not good this week and should have been voted off, but then again, I don’t like her all that much.

Elliott is the most improved and Taylor is wonderful. So, now I don’t know who should win. Elliott or Taylor.

I hope Chris is better off and gets a great recording deal and band out of his exposure on AI.

What do you all think?

It seems that JeepGirl’s blog has been our AI spot up to now.

I love Elliot, and with Chris gone, he has a better chance.

I suspect that most people figured that Chris had it in the bag and voted for their favorites to keep them in the running. Kind of backfired for him!

I guess I should have done a search for AI rather than start my own category.

I guess that sounds about right… all the people I have talked to about it say they think Chris will go on and do great things anyway and may be better off with out having the title American Idol follow him. He might be more of a rocker than a top 40 or country guy which is what most AIs are, right? This is my first season. I was hooked after the first night!

I’ve been watching since the first season. It’s the only ‘reality’ show I’ve gotten hooked on. Even the grandkids know that Tuesday is AI night, and now that they’ve gotten older, watch some of it, too.

When they were a bit younger, they didn’t like AI because it meant no story that night! :oops:

I agree that Chris will do fine–probably has record companies fighting over him.

I’ve watched from the beginning too love that show only show dh knows not to ask for tv rights during :rofling:

I really thought Kat would go home cause she forgot the words and then had pitch problems… I really didn’t like them doing Elvis night cause noone can sing like the king and I didn’t think anyone did him justice but my dh says I’m a bit obsessed with Elvis so that maybe why :rofling:

My favorite at first was Kelly and then Taylor for his personality and Elliot for his singing… on Tues. I told dh Kat will go he said no the rocker will (this was the first show he watched with me) I said why do you say that? cause he thinks he has it in his back pocket and thats when luck comes up and bites you… so on Wed. while I sat with my mouth gapped open he sat with a smirk and rewinded it to see Chris’ face again… again… again… I think Kat will go home next week with the two boys left… then I think will come down to if people vote for personaility or singing ability… I’m kinda hoping Taylor would win just cause the first time we saw him Simon said they won’t put you through to the finals…

I think Chris will go on and make great records…

I too was shocked about Chris adn even though my dh and fil don’t like him, they were shocked too. I do like Kat but felt she should have gone home. I don’t care so much for Elliott’s style but I do feel he has a great voice and he has really stepped it up lately. I love Taylor and have from the start and I also think it’d be great if he won. The only problem is that the winner is locked into a contract w/ them and w/ Kelly, she didn’t have HUGE success until she was finished w/ that contract and doing her own thing. I think they attempt to shape the winner a little more than they should…but in the end it all works out…it’s great exposure for all of them. I think we’ll see Chris w/ a contract and I think Mandisa will also have a contract but more likely in the contemporary christian scene.

I was very shocked at last nights results. I loved Chris, he is an awesome singer. Kat blew it completely on Tuesday night, in my opinion. Hopefully she will be voted off next week!
No matter who wins or loses, they are both set for life probably. :thumbsup:

Kat should have gone. the look on her face when she and Chris were announced as the bottom 2 told me that she thought she’d be going. also, there are a couple of still photos on americanidol.com that were taken right after the announcement. Chris was just staring at Ryan, and Kat was looking pretty confuzzled.

I thought for sure it would come down to Kat and Chris is the final. I think Chris has a more marketable look and sound than the other 2 guys, and Kat has the guy vote, with her looks and body.

personally I thought Chris was boring. perhaps I’m just not into his singing style.

Elliott I always liked. good control, good enunciation, good range. he seems to have gotten better with each passing week.

Taylor is a total natural performer.

Kat is a cute girl who’ll for sure get offers from her exposure on the show. but her voice seems too “yelly” and uncontrolled a lot of the time.

Chris will still do well. he’ll also get lots of offers from his exposure.

interesting viewpoint on the voting:
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Chris wasn’t even my favorite, but I was still surprised. I too thought he & Kat would be the top 2. My absolute fave is Elliott, which is hard because I really like Taylor, too. This just underscores the importance of voting.