OT - Amazon

I love the ease of shopping on Amazon… good prices, more books than you could ever want, and I don’t have to leave my chair. :lol:

I ordered 3 things so I could get the free super saver shipping. I think they should call it the “free shipping so we won’t expend any extra energy getting it out to you quickly shipping.” :doh: Seriously…it takes them a week to stick it in a box? :??

One of the things I ordered was Lily Chin’s Knitting Tips and Tricks!

The free super-saving shipping can be tedious. I think if things are located in multiple warehouses, amazon first sends everything to one warehouse and then packages up your order and ships it. That’s why it takes a week in some cases. I guess it comes down to logistics and money saving for Amazon.

Amy and I use Amazon Prime which gives us free 2-day shipping on pretty much everything Amazon sells. They charge $70 a year for it, but if you order a lot of things during the year it can save you a bundle, both wait time and money. A couple years ago I had to order a bunch of heavy tools (air compressor, nail gun, saw horses, radial saw, etc.) I got it all shipped via amazon prime in 2 days. My only regret is Amazon makes it easy to forget the smaller local stores that prop up the local economy. So we try to use it within reason.

Of course, the Amazon Prime feature does make one a bit more of an impulse shopper. I am sure Amazon figured this out a long time ago.

I’m not sure I spend enough to make Amazon Prime worth it, but that’s pretty cool!

We still shop at local stores so I don’t feel too bad, but you’re right. All the online shopping really has hit the brick and mortar stores hard. Barnes and Noble might be okay, smaller ones have both B&N and online shopping to try and survive through. Yikes.

The little shops like local yarn stores are really suffering. I try to buy yarn from my LYS even though I can almost always get it cheaper online. It’s a tough call sometimes, but I love my knit nights and want to keep my store in business. :thumbsup:

I enjoy ordering from Amazon. They are fast, the prices are good, plus the free supersaver shipping . I live in Alaska and some companies charge extra to ship up here. Just ordered The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book for $10 off the cover price. I also got a leaflet on crocheted rugs that had to be mailed from another vendor and included a couple extra dollars for shipping but everything got here within a week. I have absolutely no complaints about them whatsoever.

I practically live on Amazon, and have for more years than I would like to admit. Let’s just say I’m a long time customer of theirs. I seriously thought about buying into the super Secret Saver account thing, but as soon as I got my Kindle, it was no longer an issue. If I order a DVD or something from them, I get the cheapest shipping offered, usually free if I want to wait 5 days, but I’m patient. And most times I usually get the digital download they sometimes offer so I can watch it immediately.

I’ve only just realized that if Amazon sold grocery delivery in my area I would never go out to shop again.

At a web design conference last year, a guy who worked with Amazon gave a presentation and I learned that even selling at cost, Amazon can turn a tidy profit. They roll over their inventory so quickly (I believe it was every 20 days) that there is a significant spread between the time they take your money and the time they pay their bills for the products they sell. During this time, the money is moved to interest bearing accounts and they make a boat load. Rinse and repeat.

Another neat fact was the ratio of product purchases to product reviews is 1,300 to 1. So for a product to have 20 reviews it typically takes about 26,000 purchases. The vast majority of people don’t write reviews. I know I never do.

I don’t know. I just find this all very fascinating. :mrgreen:

I’ve always wondered about stuff like that, too Sheldon! That’s very interesting! I sent the info to my daughter who is interested in stuff like that, too.:thumbsup:

I have ordered many times from Amazon and always use the Super Saver. There have been a few times when I ordered several books or something else and one of the items is not in stock they will actually ship the items they have and the other one when it is available. And no charge. I would think for free I would have to wait till all the items are in stock but no! I only have good things to say about Amazon.

Okay…I’m afraid people are thinking I’m really complaining about Amazon. I was just kind of joking about its saying it wouldn’t ship for a week when it seems easy enough to drop it in a box and send it. I have no complaints, I really do love Amazon shopping. :thumbsup:

When I am ordering books and don’t qualify for free shipping, I go to abebooks.com. They are usually cheaper than Amazon + one can get American Airline points for each purchase.