OT-Amazing Race fans out there?

This is the only realty based show I watch religously and I am annoyed with the first episode. According to TV Guide, CBS.com and the tv guide on the tv, it should have started at 8. I go there and 60 minutes is on, and i keep checking it and 60 minutes is still there. Then I see a commercial that says it will start at 9. Ok, so I go there at 9 and it already started?! And I have no idea how long it has been on, husband says they are Ecuador and that is all I know.

Ugh, Rob and Amber are on again! Do we really need to watch them on here again! Otherwise I think I like the teams on here.

I LOVE this show! I noticed that it was going to start a bit later so I set my recorder appropriately.

I often imagine my sister and myself doing this. We would be quite comical!

Do you know what time it started? Was it because of the Daytona 500?

It started about 30 minutes late. CBS always runs late on Sunday nights. I was hoping that was over now that football is over but apparently not. i would say that it probably has about 10 minutes left from the time i am posting this.

I also think that Rob and Amber are going to be my team. I don’t know all the teams because I didn’t watch the first season or two. I do like Dave and Mary…they crack me up and i loved how much they CLEARLY loved the experience last time. Not a fan of Uchenna and Joyce because I think the producers engineered their win the last time. That airline had closed its door on that flight and you KNOW that they almost never open that door after it is closed. i am 95% certain that the producers convinced the airline to open that door and let them on the flight and i don’t like it.

Rob and Amber last time, I understood the way they played. They came into it with everybody hating them so they didn’t bother with alliances. I didn’t really see them playing dirty just playing. And i don’t think it was about the money for them…they were just having fun and i like that! I also like how much they truly seem to LIKE each other. I can’t remember any fighting between them (though i am sure there was some) unlike most teams that are at each other for the entire show.

btw… was NOT a fan of them on Survivor…lol

eta…well that took me so long to type that it clearly isn’t another 10 minutes now…lol

No. Daytona 500 was on Fox.

Yes! Hasn’t started here so I don’t know if it’ll be late. Hope not!

I thoroughly despise Rob and Amber so I am not looking forward to this season. Usually I love the Amazing Race. I’m always rooting for the elderly couple. :mrgreen:

I obviously, have no idea about this new season, guess i’m gonna have to wait like a year or something, but I just have a quick question for ya’s. Is Rob and Amber, the same Rob and Amber of Survivor fame, or do they just happen to have the same names?

Yes they are. I don’t mind them myself, but I do like certain couples each season more than others. I don’t know where they will fall this year.

yup that’s the one.

Wow… that’s so cool. From past experience, I happen to like them. They’re a great couple, how cool they are still together. Lot’s of these TV get together’s don’t seem to last all that long, just look at the Bachelor’s.

And anyways, I just llloooovvveee the way he talks. GO BOSTON ROB!! Oh and Amber!

Ya know… I was listening to an interview recently with Jerry O’Connell who was talking abouut his brother. His brother was one of the bachelors and apparently he is actually still together with the girl from his season. I don’t watch that show so I don’t know anything about them. I would guess they are about the only ones who are…lol :smiley: