OT Alpaca pics

I posted these on my blog, but I know everyone doesn’t necessarily read them, I thought I’d share a few here, too. They belong to a friend of mine who’s learning to spin. I’m the designated knitter!

A local petting farm we have here, has 2 alpacas. They are hilarious!! We were there one day when they had just been sheared and it looked so strange. They’re really skinny under all that wool!

When I first saw them they were really shaggy. After they were sheared, I couldn’t stop laughing! Their heads reminded me of Tootsie Pops!

They are TOOOO cute… Pebbles wants a Play-Mate!!!

:frowning: I thought Howie was gonna be Pebbles’ playmate? :frowning:

Howie can play too!!! :heart:

I think Howie and Pebbles are small enough to hide behind the poop piles! The alpacas are going to have to watch where they step, and the dogs are going to have to watch out for the barn cat. One tough old dude!