OT: Ah Snow!

Well we are going to have a white Christmas this year. I live in Northern Virginia. We never ever get this much snow here. I love it, since we moved down here from Massachusetts no snow.
So I am going to enjoy this snow a lot. In fact my grandchildren have never seen this much in there lives. I bet out come the snow sleds.
Its funny this year for Christmas we are giving my grandson a new bike. Oh well maybe the roads will be a little better for him to try it out for now. :roflhard: Well gotta go and get my hot cocoa .

Hi there!!! I/we live in Ohio (25 mi w of Cleveland) so we see SNOW for months…however, my neice born and raised here moved to VA to attend college and she is driving up here on Monday…So ironic, she will be driving in a storm (umm something she hates) but being from “here” I am confident she’ll be o.k.:pray:

:waah: My daughter lives in DC and got approval to come home for Christmas and now I don’t know if she’ll make it! She’s supposed to fly in tomorrow. :help:

Pictures??? All we got here in south eastern VA is RAIN rain and more rain! I really was hoping for snow!

I wish I had pictures to share. I am in Asheville and we have about a foot now and more expected :woohoo: I moved here from Maine about 4 1/2 years ago. It is very different having everything closed down here, but it is really nice to just warm up the cocoa, knit :knitting: and just enjoy it. When I lived in Maine I worked for Beacon Hospice, we just went, we drove in anything from below zero degrees to white outs. Of course we had the trucks and equipment to deal with it there. I am happy not to do that anymore.
The only problem here is that I haven’t owned a shovel since I left Maine, so I am going out later with my garden shovel :roflhard: - at least just to move the top layer off of the driveway.

Wish I could get one out the window here. Until then, try these…


I’m down toward Charlottesville, VA and we’re getting socked with snow. I took pictures of the dog out running around this morning and now there’s another 8inches out there. We stuck a yardstick in the yard and at last check it was 21inches !!!

I live in the SF Bay Area of California.The most I’m expecting in terms of Christmas weather is a slight chill XD

We got the kind I love- enough to cover the ground but the roads are clear the next day. Of course they will be icy tomorrow.

It was 81°F here today. :shifty:



Jan, I want to move in with you! Do you take boarders? LOL!

:lol: Not so far! :teehee:

My son lives in LA now and was actually a little jealous.