OT: After a bad day

Nice to knit at an area like this…

This is sitting on the unfinished patio of my father in laws new house… 10 minutes outside of town…

(Pictures are from phone, so not the best quality)

That’s gorgeous!

Would your father in law mind a gaggle of knitters invading his deck? :smiley:

Looks like there would be a lot of mosquitos there…

Looks like there would… but there isnt… in fact there’s not many bugs… there are these little funky water birds that are there… and they eat the bugs up… :slight_smile:

I want a pic of the “funky water birds”! Ill identify them for ya! Im a tree-huggin hippie birdwatcher, you know!

They move fast… I don’t htink I could get a pic… but they are a light brown with white bellies… and long legs/beaks… also thier wings are almost v shaed when they fly… but they are fast as crap… and have a high pitched song when they talk…

Like THIS ?

Kind of… I’l have to ask my wife…s he spends more time out there… :slight_smile:

I know the geese left because a fox decided to show up… theyd idn’t like that… but that’s okay… cause I don’t like geese

:inlove: Pretty! What a nice view!! Looks very relaxing. Especial san-mosquitos.

What time do we meet :?? …I missed the time?!

very nice place! :smiley: