OT - After 10 hours in a car today

Itty Bitty is home :thumbsup:

OH HELLOOOOOO!!! :inlove:

I just realized the picture looks like she has extra body parts. There is another dog (exact same color) on the left :wink:

She looks so sweet! I can see why you wanted a sweater pattern though! Enjoy her! :heart:


whew, i’m glad you said something Nuno cause i was about to ask “What is that?” :shock:

I wanna hear about her first day in her new home!!

In the second picture, her eyes have that starlet look of the paparazzi flash. She’s a star. :smiley:

or scared. what king of dog is it? i’m sorry but i don’t know the story behind her?

Her first night was ok. She and my other dog are iffy about each other. I ended up sleeping in my bed with my cocker and my husband slept on the couch with her. She is really an attached dog and wants to be sitting on your lap at all times. I don’t know if that is her personality or just her adjusting. She has never had a collar or leash before :shock: so that is a challenge for us.

Oh and we named her Bella. She is already answering to it!

omg, i was going to ask the same question! “what is that!” but now that i know it is a dog, i’m ok. She is cute :wink: :oops:

YAY! She is really cute. I’m sure the dogs will get along eventually, it may just take some time.