OT: Addicted to Sims 2! (forgive me knitting)

Oh dear, My DF gave me his Computer because he got a new one, so now I have a very good computer. My Mom the ever loving Sims fan brought over her games for me to install coz I wanted to play around with it. Now I am OBSESSED!

I don’t want to knit. :pout: Well, I do, but I want to play Sims more. If I wasn’t such a hands on person I could knit while playing, but I prefer to tell them what to do more than letting them make their own decisions.

Anyone else addicted to Sims 2?

Yes. My roommate and I declared Sundays to be Sim Sundays and we buy each of the expansions as they come out. There’s a new one in two weeks. :oops:

We go through cycles with the Sims. In the fall we were totally addicted to it, but now were in an off phase…the we being DD2 and I. I don’t have any expansions for Sims 2, because I find too much going makes the game drag so why bother. I have what I thought was a good computer, too. Maybe the next one I’ll make sure it’s a “gaming” computer.

Now what exactly is the point of Sims? I don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jan - If you get a faster computer, you should try some of the expansion. Open for Business is great! The last one is Pets, which is also cool. I’m most excited for the next one, though: Seasons!

And I have to admit, I tend to cheat when I play. :oops: Sometimes I turn off the motive decay so they don’t have to eat and sleep and I can focus on other things.

The best way I can describe Sims is to say it’s like a dollhouse for grownups. Because it’s computerized though they move around, make babies, eat, go to work all on their own, but you can make them do lots of stuff. It’s fun!

Yeah, I will get a better computer eventually. This one is 3 yrs old, but it probably won’t be till next year.

This is what I have now.
Dell 4550
2.3 Ghz processor
1 G Ram
60 G HD
Radeon 9600 series VC with 256mb
24G of free space on disk

I “think” the problem may lie in my video card, but I’m not sure. I put it in a few years ago thinking it would help, but not so much.


I think you’re right about the graphics card. Your RAM and processor speed don’t differ from mine. I could be wrong, though. :shrug:

Ummm, I’m such a Sims addict I had Sims 1 and all the ep’s. When I heard Sims 2 was coming out I went out and bought a brand new computer, just because I knew there was no way the old one would run it. My husband said I was crazy. :oops: Now I’ve got my daughter into it and she plays it more than I do. I’m much more into knitting now.

Haha, my mom did the very same thing. First she maxed out her old PC with upgrades. It could run it fine but it would get laggy and freeze sometimes, so she got a new one. haha.

I enjoyed sims 1 alot, but i get bored so easy. I am sure I will get bored with this game too.

Give me a week.


I didn’t get bored because I spent so much time scouring the internet for the perfect wall/floor/chair/bed/etc… My favorite part of Sims 1 was decorating and building. In Sims 2, I’m really into the actual gameplay itself.

I like Sims2 too. I have a whole family 3 generations living in the same house.

the other day they had a party and two of the girl guests got up and went into one of the bedrooms and started getting it on…fairly supprising. :teehee: