OT- Acting Jitters!

Okay, I’m sure none of you will read this, but I just got to vent. I love to act. I’ve done acting my entire life (though my life hasn’t been very long yet) but I still am nervous! Yesterday was our first dress rehersal, and todays our first performance. I’m so scared! I have a solo that I always do terribly on, and last night NO ONE laughed at my joke!

Okay, I’m done now. If you’re still reading, then go you

Where are you acting…in a school play or on stage? That’s very cool! I’ve heard that even “stars” get jittery so you’re in good company! Good luck and/or break a leg! :wink:

I :heart: acting too. Did it for 6 years and as soon as I can, I’ll try to get back into it, even if it’s only to do backstage work or wardrobe design.

My best advice, is take a deep breath and just let go. And remember…improvisation’s your best friend :thumbsup:

Good Luck!! :cheering:

Edit: Oh yeah, the Mexican theatre equivalent of “Break a leg” is “Lots of shit!” :roflhard:

Good luck! (Or should I say break a leg instead?) :wink:

You will do great, I am sure of it!

I did acting in college and loved it. But doing it for grades (as well as performing) was stressful, so I know where you are coming from. If it helps you at all, I had a monologue that I forgot each and every word of as soon as my feet hit the stage. But I fudged my way through and still got applause. (Although my BF, who knew the monologue as well, was very disappointed I didn’t say the lines as they were written. oh well!)

Every audience is different, and some nights, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t please them. I remember one production I did, everyone always nearly peed their pants when I gave my monologue. But I always held just a little bit back. Finally, closing night, I gave it my all, and I swear - you could hear a fly snoring if there was one in the house.

What’s important is that you give the best performance you can. The audience will love you (unless they’re supposed to hate you and then, they’ll LOVE hating you) and you’ll have a ton of fun. And you’ll be GREAT! :smiley:

Break a leg! :slight_smile: