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I need some help and advice. I’m 29 years old and have never really had a problem with acne. But recently it has become a big problem. My face won’t stop breaking out and I don’t know what to do. There were a couple of changes around the time it started and I don’t know which triggered it. Around the time it started I had a miscarriage, dropped a medication that I was previously taking, and was newly taking prenatal vitamins. I’ve been under the assumption thus far that the miscarriage caused the breakout. But my husband suggested tonight that maybe it’s the vitamins. Which made me think about the medication I stopped taking. I don’t see how the vitamins or the lack of the other medication could cause acne, but I suppose anythings possible. Like I said I’ve never had a big problem with it before. I’m washing my face with just plain water and scrubbing to exfoliate but other then that I don’t know what to try. This has been going on for a few months now and I’m tired of this. Any advice? I would really appreciate it!

I am so sorry about your miscarriage :hug::hug:

I don’t know much, but based on everything that has been going on, I would make an appointment with the dermatologist. I’m 27 and when I had crazy things going on, my skin was so bad I felt like a teenager again! They gave me some medicine that cleared it up and I also had to change what I washed my face with.

The face line Cetaphil is really good. There products are very reasonable and can get them at Wal-Mart or any other drugstore. :thumbsup:

I’m so sorry about your miscarriage. :hug:

I do think anything’s possible with regards to your skin and what might affect it - I’ve had a couple of miscarriages, and in my case, my hormones afterwards were just completely out of whack. Plus, you know, it’s such a stressful thing - all bets are off with regard to what’s “normal” afterwards.

I like Aveeno products, you might try that. They have some gentle cleansers with salicylic acid.

I never had a prob with acne until my late 20s. All the sudden a few pimples would pop up now and then. Hormonal changes I think cause it…

Cetaphil, as mentioned above, is a good daily cleanser…very gentle on your skin…

Once a week I use St. Ives Apriocot Scrub…you can find that at Wal-Mart as well…

I’ve heard wonderful things about Proactive skin care line…

Don’t go too crazy on loading products onto your skin…that can make it worse.

Do you use face lotion? Sometimes if it’s too heavy it can bring on acne, also change your pillowcases every other day if you sleep on your tummy or side.

Because of a hormone imbalance, I’ve always had problems with varying degrees of acne. When I very first started seeing a dermatologist, he banned me from using any cleansers other than Dove soap, and it did seem to help some. It at least keeps my face from being stripped of moisture. I still use it!

A derm can put you on several meds that will help, too–antibiotics, Retin-A, or even Accutane (but it causes SEVERE birth defects, so that’s a real last resort!) I also find that getting some sun on my face helps when I’m having a breakout, but we all know that can be bad long-term. :shrug: Good ol’ Oxy 10 works great, too!

Thanks for the replys. :muah:I’ll have to check into some of those products. I’ve never really tried any products because I’ve always just washed my face with plain water. I do sleep on my side so I should probably start changing my pillow case more often. I’m assuming that it’s the hormonal changes. I thought that I was feeling normal again as far as hormones go but maybe not. I do put lotion on my face too. It’s not a face lotion, just some generic hand lotion. I’ve used it for a long time and it never caused any problems before but maybe it is now with the hormones…ya think? I should probably buy some lotion that’s meant for the face.

My dermatologist has me use Accutane, but it can cause very severe birth defects if you are or become pregnant. So, use that as a last resort. If your acne bothers you, see a dermatologist. Also, I have found that Cetaphil works well to clear up the minor acne.

Another vote for Cetaphil here. I’m 25 and started breaking out badly when I moved overseas. I’ve also tried prescription meds but they make me red, peely, and dried out and I just couldn’t take that.

I also use Lancome’s Absolue Nuit at night and it really has helped me out. Its a tad on the expensive side, but totally worth the benefits.

:hug:I’m sorry about your miscarriage.:hug:

I use neutrogena. But what really works for me is garlic and lemon juice. I know, you might think I’m crazy but it really works. I don’t use it often because I’m lazy, but when I do, even my husband can tell the difference. I use a juice extractor to get the juice from the garlic and then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Be careful 'cause you are going to feel a really bad burning sensation on your face and you might want to kill me LOL. You can add cucumber juice and is won’t be as bad. If you decide to do it ( at your own risk), leave it for 5 or 10 minutes and then wash your face as usual. I hope this help.:hug:

I’m in my early 30’s and started breaking out last summer. I picked up Proactive products at a mall kiosk. It took about two weeks for me to see results, but it worked. I only use it at night and use cetaphil in the morning. I found it’s too drying to use both am and pm. Hope that helps.

I’m sure everyone will have more tips about what worked for them, but I suggest you see a dermatologist as well, and when you try things give them a bit of time to see if they work. They may recommend something that’s expensive for a whole line (moisturiser, toner, cleanser, mask…), ask for samples: say enough for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference, don’t be led into buying larger amounts if you are not sure they will work, even good-quality lines may not work the best for you. I do hear good things about Cetaphil, which is apparently cheaper. Most times a good supermarket brand can be as good as the expensive stuff, but maybe not for severe cases where you might need medication or something heavy-duty.
Many changes can affect your skin but in your case my first suspect would in fact be hormonal changes, so remember this is likely to settle down with time.
If you can’t see a dermatologist right now I would suggest a good brand in the supermarket price range, since you are only using water now. Be careful with very grainy scrubs as they may make things worse if you are too harsh when using them. I suggest a gel cleanser, not a creamy cleanser, and a moisturiser for acne-prone skin, and something with a high concentration of salicylic acid for a night treatment (I have recently got Garnier 2-part system with a scrub and a gel ‘peel’ for night and I like it a lot, reasonable price too). If you can’t spend tons of cash I say the toner should be the first to go especially if you are looking at an expensive line, expensive toners are a waste of money IMO, I love toners but would never spend much on them at all.

I am 20 years old, and I’ve recently developed a problem with acne, too. Throughout middle school and high school I never had any acne problems, except maybe the occasional spot here or there. Since I went to college though, a big change in lifestyle and HUUUGE addition of busy schedule and total stress, and I developed an acne problem.
No regular products for me until I tried the AcneFree system. It’s very similar to Proactiv, but you can get it for $20 at places like Walmart and Kmart. It’s worked wonders for me, because it has the three different products that all work together. Nothing else worked for me, but this stuff is great. :smiley:

I never had a problem with acne until I had my first child. I have tried everything. The only thing that works for me is proactiv, I find it is well worth the money. I have tried AcneFree system, but found it didn’t work as well as the proactiv.

I second all the suggestions about seeing a dermatologist. Ask them what they recommend you do and if over the counter things can be tried first. I’m really leery of taking meds too quickly.

Accutane does cause major birth defects. Someone I know who had it was made to go on the pill.

Speaking of the pill…that helps sometimes, too.

My sister has major acne and uses Proactive regularly and it really did a good job for her.

I am 32 and have adult onset acne that began at 29. I break out mostly around my chin, hairline and the bottom of my cheekbones.

I searched around for something to fix it and it took about a year to find my solution.

First of all I wash my face once in the morning once at night. Immediately after washing I pat dry and apply Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer.

When I wash my face, I use all natural soap made by The Bee Folks. My favorite scent they have is Lavender. I also use this for my body but keep a separate bar just for my face.

I began using this soap a while ago, but kept using it after my dermatologist noticed a marked improvement in my keritosis. He acutally recommended it over the stuff he had prescribed me!!!

This regimen keeps me relatively clear. Ohhh but if I miss a day-watch out!!!

[LEFT]If you tend to lack allergies, try something over the counter first(whatever has been suggested), if that clears things up your gold. If they don’t work, see your doctor.

I have always had stubborn acne. it’s gotten a million times better since I’ve hit my 20’s, but I still have the tiny ones all around my hair line and get bad blotches all over a couple times a month. I have tried 3 different product lines, (Neutrogena, Clearsil, and Noxema) and they never payed off. In fact when I tried Clearsil I ended up horribly allergic.

I find Noxema’s 3 step cleansers help keep the acne minimal, and stops the big blotches to just one or 2 instead of 4. But I want it gone.

I just picked up a mini case of Proactive, it’s pricey, but if it works I will buy the full set. I am getting married in a couple months I really don’t want to have to touch up the pics.

Thank you all so much for your advice. I’d like to stay away from prescription meds if possible because I’m trying to get pregnant. Proactive intrigues me but I’m so frugal I don’t know if I could do it. :lol: So many people mentioned Cetaphil that I might try that. And my natural interest in home remedies has me curious to try garlic and lemon juice. :lol: I’ll definately let you know what I decide and how it works. If I can’t get it cleared up soon I’ll definately see a dermatologist.

I cannot suggest multi-oil supplements enough! You can try fish oil, flaxseed oil, etc. I personally like the GNC multi-oils, but anything can work.

It seems counterintuitive to take an oil supplement to combat breakouts, but it works amazingly well. I’m always trying products galore, but that is one of the rare things where I notice a huge difference in my skin when I run out.

This would also be much safer than any prescription retinols, but obviously check with your doctor when you get pregnant. OBs always have differing opinions on what’s safe and not.

I’d also recommend getting a mild cleanser (like Cetaphil) and some lotion/moisturizer that is specially made for the face. There are lots of great options at Wal-Mart or drugstores. :thumbsup:

I think Proactiv works GREAT. I saw a slight increase in acne at first, but it lasted for only the 2nd and 3rd days of use.
Once you get into a routine of using it, though, you need to keep it up. If you stop for a few days the pimples will come back, and then you’re kind of starting over.
I don’t like to use toner because I have SUPER DRY skin.
You might also try any kind of oil and alcohol free cleanser; you want to hydrate your skin with water. I have had success also with clinique moisture surge.

I think you’ve gotten a lot of good advice. A couple things you might want to think about - besides it being hormonal is that it could be stress related! I’ve finally decided that my acne is both hormonal and stress related. Also, if you use makeup brushes, you may want to clean them more regularly, they could be harboring bacteria that is making you break out. I did go to a dermatologist and it was a waste of money. He basically asked ME what I thought it was, and then what I wanted to try, and the antibiotic he gave me did NOTHING but upset my stomach. I’m still looking for something to clear it up all together. It is better but my stress is better too! :wink: Good luck!