OT:Accidents SHARE your own!

ok…today i had an accident and … it ended up with me tripping and not realising a PENCIAL was… right there by my foot! and it ended up while i was falling the pencial went into my foot!!! and it ended up with me going to the docter and it took him about 15 mins to get the lead out and i had 2 get a tetnis shot and antibiotics and soak my foot for 10 mins a day till Saturday! yay not and then i have to sit a lot of the day so while i’m on the computer … i’m looking for patterns! any suggestions?

any other stories?

I had a metal dpn jammed in my foot. It went right through my felted clog. Of course the only injury I’ve had in a while was from a knitting needle! :teehee:

Let’s see…when I was a kid, I stapled my own finger just to “see it if would hurt” :oops: :teehee:

And, 2 days before high school grad I was playing tennis with my sister and somehow I managed to hit myself in the eye with the tennis racquet, so I went to grad with a black eye :oops:

This isn’t quite as drastic as your stories, but onetime I was putting on a pair of headphones (the kind that are connected and you put over your head) but my hand slipped so I whacked myself in the head :oops: That kind of thing happens to me alot :teehee:

I hit my head, constantly. And, I bump into things and get huge bruises. I went roller skating with my siblings in the beginning of June and I fell and whacked my shin on the bottom side of a bench. It hurt so bad I almost went to the ER to get some nice drugs, and I still have a dent and a bruise from it.

That night, I walked into a counter and got a huge bruise on my arm.

I’m a huge klutz.

Oh, and once when I was nine or so, my brother stabbed me in the eye with a pair of scissors. Luckily, he just nicked my lower lid, but there was a LOT of blood and we were both really freaked out. He was six at the time, I think.

I think my worst has to be when I dropped the cable and poker part of my electronic meat thermometer on the floor, stepped back, and skewered my foot. I never realized how sharp they are, and I was just wailing, “how did it go through so far?!!!” Then my husband informed me that I was meat, too. :ick:

Way too many to mention. The last real bad one was when a friend of mine had stolen her kid’s goped for us to ride around on. I ran back inside to get my motorcycle helmet so I would be safe from wipeouts and I pulled the helmet down along with a curtain rod I had placed on the shelve. The curtain rod smashed my two inside toes at the junction with the foot and broke them both while managing to put a good size gash in them too. It hurt so bad but I wanted to ride that stupid goped and figured we’d never get another chance so I crammed my foot in a shoe and went for a ride. When I got home I had a delayed pain reaction and whined like a baby. :roflhard:

Mine will probably make you gasp a bit and your eyes bulge slightly, but here goes anyway…

Right after dh & I married my Aunt-in-law taught me how to do needlepoint on plastic canvas. I bought a kit, unwrapped the needle and stuck that long, thick sucker in the arm of our couch (which I used as a pin cushion lol). I had to get up to do something & forgot the needle was there. On my way back to the couch my cat ran under my feet and I started to fall. To save myself I slammed my hand onto the arm of the couch and right over the needle.

After I collected myself and sat down I noticed a pinching feeling in between my first & 2nd knuckles so I looked down. Staring me straight in the face was that needle! It had gone in through the “pad” of my hand, between the knuckles and out in my index finger. Amazingly enough it didn’t hurt in the least… until I went to pull the needle out. OUCH!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t do plastic canvas for a long time. Still don’t. :wink:

The summer after my first year of college, I was sitting by my parents pool with a glass of water. The area around the pool was concrete. I stood up to get into the pool and knocked over the glass, which broke, and I tripped and stepped on the glass. A triangle shaped piece drove into the bottom of my foot. Blood was gushing everywhere and I was screaming. My father was on the other side of the fence, with earplugs in, cutting wood with a chainsaw and he heard me screaming. (My mother, on the other hand was in the house talking with a friend and never heard me, even with the windows open!) Anyway, we wrapped it in a towel and he took me to the health center. They couldn’t stitch it because it was just a flap of skin, so I had to hobble around for a week or so until it healed enough that I could walk on it. After that, my parents instituted the “no glass around the pool” rule.

I’ve had a few good ones…

At 8 I stuck a stick through my neck trying to pole vault…the doctor actually pulled out pieces of the stick from my neck! My mom kept some of the pieces to show everyone!

In high school, learning to slide for softball, my dad sprayed the grass with water to make it slicker…it was slick alright. My first attempt to slide, I slipped and dislocated my thumb. Headed to the doc, got a soft cast. About 5 days later, at the pool, dislocated the same thumb again playing Marco Polo…that was a rough week.

But the grand finale…(so far) and the accident that got me knitting a year ago this month!! About 6 weeks after I got married, I wrecked my mountain bike attempting to go over a log that was WAY too high for me. I flew over the handle bars, landed on my right side on top of the log. DH was frantic, and I knew I had to get to the ER right away. Too bad we were in the woods about 3/4 of a mile, so I had to hike out first. Then drive 30 minutes to the hospital. Ended up with a Grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding and who knows how many cracked ribs. Spent the night in ICU and a few more days in the hospital. Was confined to no physical activity for about 8 weeks…so I taught myself how to knit. :cheering: By the time I could ride again, it was too cold, so I just knitted! I’m back on my bike now, happily riding, and pushing over big logs!

Oh my goodness, I am well know by family, friends, and coworkers as a HUGE klutz. I prefer to call it cute, they prefer to laugh (and sometimes snort) at me loudly and often.

I’ll give you two.

  1. I was trying to open a really, really old metal container of Epson salt, to soak my hand because I’d gotten a large splinter in it. Well, the container and I got into a fight (ie, I wanted it open and it didn’t want to be opened). Finally I got the top off, and in the prossess, skewered my finger down to the bone, from the fingernail to the bottom knuckle. I was home alone, with a brand new driver’s licence, and thought “I’ll just get myself to the hospital”. I wanted to stop the bleeding, so I tried to superglue the cut together (since the masking tape hadn’t worked). After I badly and stupidly glued myself somewhat together, I started driving, and had a slightly delayed shock reaction. I saw the blood, and started speeding and crying. A cop tried to pull me over of the freeway and I raised my hand waving it around so he could see I was hurt and bleeding. He ended up driving me to the hospital, where I was told they’d have to take off the glue (painfully) and stitch me together…I didn’t like it.

  2. I was in elementary school sliding down the outside of one of those circular tube like slides, that are now plastic, and when I was a kid were metal. Well we’d been told not to do this, to only slide down the insid of the tube. A kid ran by me, hit my leg, threw me off balance (and Lord knows I don’t need help with that), I hit my chin on the slide and thought I’d scraped it. What I didn’t know was there was a jagged peice of metal at the joint of the slide, right where I hit my chin. In fact I had not ‘scraped’ my chin, but cut it from the corner of my jawline, to the middle of my chin…yup you guessed it, down to the bone. I went to the playground supervisor and asked if I’d hurt my chin, she screamed, I ended up at the hospital. The doctor wanted to do stitches, I refused and when he was out of the room getting stuff ready to sew me up like a stuffed turkey on thanksgiving…I left. I got two blocks before the security guard and my dad caught me and ‘escorted’ me back to the emergency room. I ended up getting butterfly stitches and was the coolest kid in class, until a week later when one of the kids broke him arm and got a cast.
    Apparently, my dad had walked out of the hospital after refusing to get stitches when he was a kid too, so I didn’t get in too much trouble. It got chalked up to 'like Father like daughter".

I was using a large, sharp knife to cut a box. The knife was sharper than I realized and slid through the box very rapidly and right into my finger that was on the other side. I didn’t slice my finger so much as actually whack it with the knife. It went in so far and hard, it chipped the bone. That was about 9 years ago. I can still feel the bone fragment in there.

Oh and one time I fell down the stairs while I was holding my 11 month old daughter. It was something I had always worried about since she was born. I was afraid that if it happened, I’d automatically drop her, trying to catch myself. One morning I was carrying her downstairs and my foot hit the edge of the step. I knew there was no way I could catch myself without dropping K, so I held her tight and threw myself backwards so I’d take the fall on my back and nothing would happen to her. I had a bruised back and behind for a while, but that was ok. I was so relieved I didn’t drop her.

:gah: :gah: :gah: :shock: GAH!!! You guys are giving me the WILLIES!!! Im in a constant state of EXTREME WINCE while reading these stories! :shock: :gah: :gah: :gah:

I got shot with a beebee gun right above my left eye when I was 4. The 16-yr old kid next door, whose name was also Kelly and who I used to pester mercilessly, did it accidentally. The doc said I could have easily ended up blind in that eye had the beebee gone ANY deeper. I can still remember being strapped to a board with a drape over my face when they removed it. I could see instruments coming at me from just out of the bottom of the hole in the drape. NOT fun for little KellyK!!

Also, got pushed into a public pool when I was about 10. When I was pushed, I got turned around and my chin came down SMACK on the side of the pool. 14 stitches and a nice scar.

I was getting ready to go to a friend’s wedding. I was in the bathroom drying my hair. I had one of the hair dryers with the side vents. Well I guess I got the side vent a little to close to my hair and it sucked it in. I panicked and just pulled it very quickly taking a bunch of hair with it. My Mom came running in when she smelled the hair burining. I, of course was frantic. And I was running late for the wedding. I had very long hair that is also thick so I was able to hide my bald spot for the wedding. Now my hair is shorter and I only use hair dryers that have the vent in the back.

I slammed my thumb in a car door a couple of years ago. My husband and I had flown into Tennessee for the weekend and rented a car. Two hours before we were to fly out we stopped at a quick mart and I opened the door, hit the door locks and promptly slammed the car door shut on my thumb. I had to have my husband unlock the door to get it out. It was smashed, the bone crushed and in bad shape but I needed to make that flight. I had DH drive me to Walmart, I got one of those Ace bandages, a metal splint thing and some Advil. I boarded the flight with pounding thumb and sat through the flight sick to my stomach from pain. I got home and cried then got the thumb taken care of properly. It’s still distorted to this day. :pout:

Sorry, but I just have to…

My FIL was visiting us a couple of years ago, and we were going over to DM’s for dinner that night. I was making potato salad to go with her BBQ chicken. So there I am in the kitchen, laughing and chattering with FIL while DH was getting ready for work. I guess my attention wandered at a crucial moment, and instead of continuing to dice celery, the extremely sharp chef’s knife diced a piece of my left thumb instead.

A trip to the ER, stitches and Vicodin ( :eyes: ) ensued.

At dinner that night, FIL said that he’d been just about to compliment me on my knife skills! :oops:

You guys have had so many accidents!!!

My biggest problem is that i’m just a bit clumsy and always try to cut corners too tight and end up running into walls with my shoulder… :rofl:

Amen! Oh and Kell? I have the same scare from the same pool accident when I was a kid.

My biggest things lately have been stepping on a nail in a board and being kicked by a flightly little cow.

My worst knitting-related injury happened when I was organizing my knit and crochet stuff, and set a box aside. I forgot where I put it and stepped right in it. A size 10 knitting needle jabbed in between my big toe and my …uh, index toe. It went in a good quarter inch or so – enough that I think I saw cartilege or bone or something (whatever it was was white and shiny at any rate!).

Oh, don’t get me started…let’s just say it’s a good thing my middle name is not Grace.

I have:

  1. shut my own head in a car door
  2. poked myself in the eye with my keys
  3. fell on the stairs at work too many times to count (one time resulted in a trip to the clinic to get X-rays of my knee - why does that always happen when I forget to shave my legs?!)
  4. ran face-first into a door I was trying to open (in front of the boss)

And that’s just the beginning!